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GRADING is Cover/Record and is based on the Goldmine system; most 45s come with only a plain paper sleeve so have only one grade: for the record alone. All grading is done visually using a bare 150 watt light. Occasional play-grading will be noted. Here's a full explanation of my grading and abbreviations .

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EDDIE AND THE EVERGREENS: In The Still Of The Night DJ + same - US (Kama Sutra 578) 1973 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; group = SHA NA NA; same song both sides; produced by Jeff Barry; 45 includes Buddah sleeveM-$20
EDWARDS, BOBBY: I'm A Fool For Loving You + You're The Reason - US (Crest 1075) 1961 Mono -- original US pressing; record VG to VG+VG(+)$8
827 THOMAS STREET BAND: Cry Like A Baby + From Memphis To Moscow - US (Bell 723) 1968 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; small writing on a-side label; plays VG(+) to EXVG+$20
EL CHICANO: Brown Eyed Girl + Mas Zacate - US (Kapp 2173) 1972 -- original US pressing; includes Kapp sleeve; record plays VG to VG+VG(+)$8
ELECTRIC LADIES: King Kong + Nothing Between Us - US (Mainstream 5556) 1974 -- original US pressing; funk rock; record VG+ to EXEX-$11
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA: Sweet Talkin' Woman purple + PS - US (Jet JT-XW1145) 1977 Stereo -- original US pressing on Purple Wax + Picture Sleeve; record EX to mostly M- (new old store stock) and sleeve may vary between VG+ to EX+ -- may have a tiny split bottom seam but overall VG+/EX for sleeveEX-/EX+$8
ELEGANTS: Little Boy Blue + Legend Of Love by The Legends - US (Roulette GG-91) 1970s -- RnB oldies reissue; two artistst one song each; old store stockM-$8
ELEGANTS: Little Star + Getting Dizzy - US (Apt 25005) 1958 Mono -- original 1958 US pressing; black label with silver print and multi-color skyline Apt logo with 'Am-Par' at bottom; label has tiny writing and tiny sticker on a-side; record visually G+ to VG but plays VG to even some VG+VG$15
ELLEDGE, JIMMY: Your Funny Way Of Loving Me + Touch My Heart - US (Big A 104) -- original US White Label Promo pressing; record EX to M-EX+$45
ELLINGTON, DUKE: Don't Get Around Much Anymore + Sidewalks Of New York - US (RCA 2955) Mono -- original US pressing; store stock; close to M-; black label with silver printEX+$12
ELLINGTON, DUKE: Give Me The Right + Boo-Dah - US (Capitol 2598) Mono -- original US pressing; purple label; store stock; a-side has vocal by Jimmy Grissom; old store stockM-$14
EMOTIONS: So I Can Love You + Got To Be The Man - US (Volt 4010) 1969 Mono -- original US pressing; small writing on a-side label; record has just a few lite marksEX$24
ENCHANTERS: I Wanna Thank You + I'm A Good Man - US (Warner 5460) 1964 Mono -- original US pressing; record visually G+ but a-side plays VG- to some VG; b-side plays G+/VG-; record is rough visually with what look like some deep scratches (G/G+) but it plays a bit better than it looksVG-$8
ENGLISH, BARBARA JEAN: I'm Living A Lie DJ stereo + mono - US (Alithia AR-6040) 1972 Stereo -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; label has small writing on stereo side; record slight EX- to mostly EX+EX$22
ENGLISH, JACKIE: Once A Night + Please Let Me Be The Other Woman - US (Venture 135) 1980 -- original US pressing; Tony Camillo production; record is old store stock: EX to M- with just a faint surface mark or two from storageEX+$12
ENGLISH, SCOTT: High On A Hill + When - US (Spokane 4003) 1964 -- original US pressing; vocal backup by The Accents and the Dedications (b-side); record visually VG and plays solid VG to even some VG+; label has writing and a drillholeVG$13
ENTICERS: Calling For Your Love + Storyteller - US (Cotillion 44125) 1971 -- original US pressing; record EX to M-EX+$68
EPICS: Give Me A Chance + Louie Come Home - US (Zen 202) 1965 -- original US pressing; good garage; great take on Louie Louie on the flip; NOT the Texas band; record in really nice shape: EX to M-EX+$90
EPISODE SIX: Here There And Everywhere + Mighty Morris Ten - US (Warner 5851) 1966 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; Glover & Gillan before DEEP PURPLE!; label has small writing both sides (date); record visually VG/VG+ but dj copy plays mostly VG+VG(+)$50
EQUATIONS: One Two Three Hamilton Street DJ m/s - US (Dakar 4542) 1974 -- original US White Label promo copy, same song in mono/stereo; tiny writing on label; One Two Three is the flip to I Love Your Love on the commercial issueM-$10
ESCOVEDO, COKE: Stay With Me + The Breeze And I - US (Mercury 73821) 1976 -- original US pressing; both sides were on the 'Comin At Ya' LPEX$35
ESQUIRES: My Lady + The Fish - US (Lasco 1101) 1979 -- original US White Label Promo pressingM-$30
ESTABLISHMENT: In My Heart I Am A Free Man + Stop Fightin' Start Lovin' - US (King 6320) 1970 -- original US one-sided dj-only test pressing; side 2 is blank; label on side 1 is also blank with handwritten info; record EX/EX+EX$10
EVE OF EDEN: Parade Of A Bunch Of Fools DJ stereo + mono - US (Buddah BDA 429) 1974 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; includes Buddah sleeveEX$15
EVERLY BROTHERS: Brand New Heartache + 3 EP 7" - US (Cadence CEP-107) 1957 Mono -- original US pressing of 4-song 7-inch 45rpm EP; Keep A Knockin', Rip It Up, and Hey Doll Baby are the other tunes; record visually VG/VG+ and plays more to VG+; no cover -- record only; three tiny stickers on the labelsVG(+)$20
EVERYDAY PEOPLE: Are You Going Wrong + You Can See The World - US (People 1002) 1969 Mono -- good 70s soul rock, co-produced by Leon Ware; original US pressingEX+$12
EVERYDAY PEOPLE: Just One Smile + Over Losing You - US (Roulette 7051) 1969 Mono -- original US White Label Promo copy; tiny # on label; a-side written by Randy Newman, b-side by Michael Bloomfield; record EX- to M-EX$13
EXCEPTIONALS: Gotta Let Some Sunshine Into My Life DJ m/s - US (Red Coach 814) 1975 -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; record EX to M-EX+$37
EXCITERS: Tell Him + Hard Way To Go - US (United Artists 544) 1962 Mono -- original US pressing; record visually G/G+ but plays VG-/VG; record is rough visually with some deep scratches (G/G+) but plays a bit better than it looksG+$7
EXCITERS: Weddings Make Me Cry + You Better Come Home - US (Bang 518) 1966 Mono -- original US pressing; record very close to EXEX-$22
EXECUTIVE SUITE: I'm A Winner Now + You Got It - US (Babylon 1109) 1973 Stereo -- original US pressing: brown label; record VG+ to EXEX-$9
EXECUTIVES: Quarter To Three DJ mono + stereo - US (Scepter 12387) 1973 Stereo -- original US White Label Promo pressing; record slight VG+ to mostly EX/EX+EX$10

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