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GRADING is Cover/Record and is based on the Goldmine system; most 45s come with only a plain paper sleeve so have only one grade: for the record alone. All grading is done visually using a bare 150 watt light. Occasional play-grading will be noted. Here's a full explanation of my grading and abbreviations .

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FABULOUS PEPS: I'll Never Be The Same + So Fine - US (Premium Stuff 3) 1967 Mono -- original US pressing; record EX to M-EX+$45
FAITH, GENE: I Fell In Love With An Angel + Your Love Is Like A Merry-Go-Round - US (Virtue 2515) 1970 -- Original US White Label Promo pressing; was original lead vocalist for The Trammps; small writing on label on b-sideEX$50
FAITH, PERCY - SHILLELAGH SINGERS: Christmas In Killarney + Sleigh Ride - US (Columbia 4-50082) 1954 Mono -- Original US pressing; early (1950s) Hall Of Fame Series release by Columbia; record looks to be VG to VG+; includes Columbia Hall Of Fame sleeveVG(+)$16
FALCON, MAX: Money Back Guarantee + I Thought I Heard You Call My Name - US (Fraternity 903) 1960 -- original US pressing; small writing on label; record VG/VG+VG(+)$14
FALCONS: You're Mine + Country Shack - US (Unart 2022) 1959 Mono -- original US pressing; black label; record visually vg-/vg but plays mostly VGVG$10
FAMOUS FLAMES: Who Am I + Nobody Knows But My Baby And Me - US (King 6341) 1971 -- original US White Label promo pressing; tiny writing on label; with King sleeve; soul ballad by JB's backup bandM-$15
FANTASTIC FOUR: Whole World Is A Stage + Ain't Love Wonderful - US (Ric Tic 122) 1967 -- original US pressing; label has 1-inch tear on b-side; record VG/VG+VG(+)$8
FARRELL, MICKEY - THE DYNAMICS: Baby Mine + I'm Calling On You - US (Bethlehem 3080) 1963 -- original US pressing; vocal group sounds; black label silver print; record visually VG but plays VG to VG+VG(+)$22
FEAGIN, CHARLES: You Must Have Been A Wonderful Girl + I've Got To Be Loved By You Baby - US (Colossal 2396) Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; tiny writing on 'Loved' side; record has tiny pressing flaw at very end of 'You Must' -- litely clicks for a few seconds of fade-out; otherwise record is EX to much M-EX+$15
FEMM-ELES: When The Cats Away + Bless Your Love - US (Do Kay Lo 105/6) 1963 Mono -- original US pressing; record visually VG to VG+ but plays nice VG+ to VG++; label sometimes just listed as 'Kay'; two small stars stamped on label on 'Cats' sideVG+$40
FENWAYS: I'm Your Toy + Theme For Pammy - US (CO & CE 243) Mono -- original US pressing; garage pop band from Pittsburgh; Joey Covington was a member but might not have played on this 45; Sonny Di Nunzio later formed The Racket SquadEX-$15
FESTIVALS: Green Grow The Lilacs DJ m/s - US (Gordy 7120) 1972 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; tiny writing on label; produced by Jerry RossEX+$12
5TH DIMENSION: Aquarius PS + Don'tcha Hear Me Callin' To Ya - US (Soul City 772) 1969 -- Original US pressing with Picture Sleeve; some seamwear on the sleeve but no rips no tears; record VG+/VG++$10
FISHER, EDDIE: Christmas Day + That's What Christmas Means To Me - US (RCA Victor 47-5038) 1952 Mono -- Original US pressing; grading: 'Christmas Day' looks and plays VG and a little better; the flips side plays overall VG BUT does have one short skip near the beginning so this record is sold 'as is' -- but 'Christmas Day' was the Hit in 1952; with RCA sleeveG+$12
FISHER, EDDIE: I Love You EP - US (RCA EPB 1097) 1955 Mono -- Original US pressing; 7-inch EP with Two records in gatefold cover; eight songs total; cover has lite wear at opening and tiny sticker on back: no splits; both records in really nice shape: slight EX- up to M-; songs include: So In Love; Pretty Baby; My One And Only Love; I Can't Give You Anything But Love; The Girl That I Marry; I Surrender Dear; What Is This Thing Called Love?; Let's Fall In LoveVG+/EX$30
FITZGERALD, ELLA: Beautiful Friendship + Stay There - US (Verve 2012) 1956 Mono -- Original US pressing; record VG/VG+VG(+)$10
FIVE CROWNS: Just A Part Of Life + instrumental - US (Five-O 503) Mono -- original US pressingM-$28
5 DEMARCO SISTERS: Two Hearts, Two Kisses + Dreamboat - US (Decca 29470) 1955 Mono -- original US pressing; record slight VG to mostly VG+VG+$10
FIVE KEYS: Close Your Eyes + Doggone It You Did It - US (Capitol 3032) 1955 Mono -- original US pressing; metal adapter in center hole; record visually G/G+ with many scuffs and some scratches but mostly lite and could play up to VGG+$13
FIVE KEYS: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind + That's Right - US (Capitol 3502) 1956 Mono -- original purple label US first pressing; rnb; could play better than grade: mostly just lite scuffs; tiny sticker and tiny tear on one side of labelVG$10
FIVE KEYS: Wisdom Of A Fool + Now Don't That Prove I Love You - US (Capitol 3597) 1956 Mono -- original US pressing; record VG to some VG+VG$15
FLANAGAN, RALPH: Junior Hop + Senior Prom - US (Rca EPA 536/7) 1954 Mono -- original US pressing; 2 different EPs both with Picture Covers (both covers are hard cardboard); both 45s released in 1954; record for Senior Prom grades VG+; record for Junior Hop has pressing flaw (like a bubble) and plays VG to VG+; songs include: PROM: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Gypsy Violin, Why, A-Flat Swing; HOP: I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time, You, Red River Valley, Merry WidowVG+/VG(+)$18
FLATBUSH FISH: A Noise In The Streets DJ + same - US (Flatbush Fish Enterp. 180) 1970s Stereo -- original US promo label copy; same song both sidesEX+$8
FLATT & SCRUGGS: Go Home + Where Will I Shelter My Sheep - US (Columbia 42141) 1961 -- original US pressing; Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs; record grades VG to VG+VG(+)$8
FLATT & SCRUGGS: We'll Meet Again Sweetheart + My Cabin In Caroline - US (Mercury 6181) 1950 -- original US pressing; Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs; label has small drillhole; recorded autumn 1948 WROL Studio, Knoxville, TN; rare early 45EX$35
FLETCHER, DARROW: What Is This + Dolly Baby - US (UNI 55270) 1971 -- beautiful original US Promo Label pressing; small writing on label; includes UNI sleeveEX+$22
FLIRTATIONS: I Wanna Be There + Keep On Searching - US (Deram 85057) 1970 -- original US PROMO pressing; tiny writing on label; record slight VG+ up to EX+EX$35
FLIRTATIONS: Need Your Loving + South Carolina - US (Deram 85048) 1969 -- original US PROMO pressing; small writing on label; record EX/EX+EX$35
FLOATERS: For Your Love + Get Ready - US (Fee 2661) 1970s -- original US pressing; Detroit label; record mostly M-EX+$15
FLUDD: What An Animal DJ m/s - US (Private Stock 45,025) 1975 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; same song in mono + stereo versions; Canadian rock band; produced by Adam Mitchell (x Paupers)EX$10
*SOLD* FOGCUTTERS: Casting My Spell + I Want Your Love Again - US (Charter 1217) 1965 Mono -- Original US White Label Promo pressing; Colorado band which moved to California where this was recorded; members Erik/Eric Karl and Don Cameron later became the Fantastic Zoo after which Karl went on to join Bodine (MGM), last of which also included members of The Daily Flash; label has two small 'x's on a-side; record EX to up to M-EX*SOLD*
FOLEY, RED: My Friend + Lady Of Guadalupe - US (Decca 29159) 1954 Mono -- original pressing; has Decca label sleeve; record has only lite marks: VG+ to EXEX-$12
FONTAINE, EDDIE: Rock Love + All My Love Belongs To You - US (X 0096) 1955 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; with Neal Hefti and The Excels; record slight EX- to mostly EX/EX+EX$38
FONTANE SISTERS: Silver Bells + Kissing Bridge - US (RCA 47-5524) 1953 Mono -- Original US pressing; record looks VG- to VGVG-$12
FORD, MARY: World Stands Still + This Is It - US (Challenge 59289) 1960s Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; record EX to M-EX+$17
*SOLD* FORMATIONS: At The Top Of The Stairs + Magic Melody - US (MGM 13899) 1968 -- original US pressing; record VG to mostly VG+VG(+)*SOLD*
FORREST, FLIP: I.O.U. + The Race - US (Savoy 4360) 1976 -- original US white label promo pressing; record EX to M-; Eugene 'Flip' Forrest; known as "America's Traveling Gospel Announcer"EX+$10
FORRIEST, SONNY: Tuff Pickin' + I Got A Woman - US (Decca 31888) 1965 Mono -- original US pink label Promo pressing; Elbert McKinley Forriest; was guitarist with the Coasters; record EX to M-; label clean; guitar instros; aka Sonny FORRESTEX$30
FOUNTAIN, ROOSEVELT - AND PENS OF RHYTHM: Red Pepper I + II - US (Prince-Adams 447) 1962 Mono -- original US pressing; mod funky hammond organ; label has small drillhole and tiny # written on it; record VG to VG+VG(+)$20
FOUR ACES: Sin + Arizona Moon - US (Flash 101) 1950 Mono -- original US pressing; Flash is probably first label since 1950 release would pre-date Victoria; record VG to some VG+VG(+)$22
FOUR ACES: Sin + Arizona Moon - US (Victoria 101) 1951 Mono -- Original US pressingVG+$15
FOUR COACHMEN: That Thing Called A Girl + Wintertime - US (Adonis 102) 1959 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; tiny writing on labelEX-$14
FOUR HUNKS: Mashin' The Madison + Sweet Tooth - US (Symbol 907) 1961 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; b-side label has writing on it and has small 'x' in trail-off which may affect the last groove or two, otherwise record VG- to VG+VG$17
FOUR JEWELS: Time For Love + That's What They Put Erasers On Pencils For - US (Checker 1069) 1960s Mono -- original US pressing; girl vocal group; label has tiny drillhole; record visually VG but plays VG to VG+VG$60
FOUR LADS: Enchanted Island + Guess What The Neighbors'll Say - US (Columbia 41194) 1958 Mono -- Original US pressing; record VG/VG+ but mostly just lite scuffs: could play more toward VG+VG(+)$8
FOUR SONICS: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me + It Takes Two - US (Sport 110) 1968 Mono -- original US commercial issue; yellow label; nice group version of "You Don't"; small writing on label; record visually VG+ but plays mostly to EXEX-$22
FOUR TUNES: Come What May + Greatest Song I Ever Hear - US (RCA 4489) 1952 Mono -- original US white label promo copy; only very lite marks on record: fantastic shape for 1952 releaseVG+$25
FOUR TUNES: Do I Worry + Say When - US (RCA 3881) 1950 Mono -- their first 45rpm single!; original US pressing: lite blue RCA label; record has only tiny lite marks: visually EX to M-EX+$45
FOUR TUNES: I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire + Let's Give Love Another Chance - US (RCA 4968) 1952 Mono -- original US white label promo copy; lite marks only on record: mostly EXEX-$26
FOUR TUNES: Time Out For Tears + Tired Of Waitin - US (Jubilee 5200) 1955 Mono -- original US pressing from 1955; record has only very lite marks: very close to EXEX-$15
FOUR TUNES: Wishing You Were Here Tonight + The Last Round-Up - US (RCA 4102) 1951 Mono -- original US Promo pressing: maroon label 'prevue coming attractions'; lite marks only: close to EX; early RCA promo 45EX-$30
FOWLEY, KIM: International Heroes DJ m/s - US (Capitol 3534) 1973 -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; tiny-wolM-$10
FOXY: Trouble DJ + same - US (Double Shot 153) 1971 Mono -- original US Promo label pressing; same song both sides; tiny writing on labelEX$14
FRANKIE AND THE SPINDLES: Makin Up Time - Part 1 + Part 2 - US (Gamble 2510) 1973 Stereo -- original US pressing; produced by Bunny SiglerEX+$25
FRANKLIN, CAROLYN: Chain Reaction + Everybody's Talkin' - US (RCA 74-0314) 1970 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; record VG+/EX-VG+$10
FRASER, JERI LYNNE: Take It Easy Baby + Poor Joe - US (Columbia 42234) -- original US White Label Promo pressing; a-side is Gary Paxton tuneVG+$35
FREBERG, STAN: John And Marsha + Ragtime Dan - US (Capitol F 1356) 1951 -- Original US pressing; is this his first 45?; record VG+ and maybe some betterVG+$20
FREBERG, STAN: St. George And The Dragonet + Little Blue Riding Hood - US (Capitol F 2596) 1953 -- Original US pressingVG+$15
FREE: All Right Now + Mouthful Of Grass - US (A&M 1206) 1970 -- Original US pressing; record plays VG/VG+VG(+)$7
FREEMAN, ERNIE - ORCHESTRA: Half As Much + I'm Sorry For You My Friend - US (Liberty 55515) 1962 Mono -- Original US White Label Promo pressing; label has small writing and tear on 'Half' side; record looks VG but promo copy could play VG/VG+VG$11
FREEMAN, ERNIE: Swing It + River Boat - US (Imperial 5444) 1957 Mono -- original US pressing in nice shape: EX/EX+EX$12
FRIENDS OF GIFFORD PINCH BRIAN & CLARK: Ladybugs Puddles And Things + Taste Like Strawberries - US (Decca 32006) -- original US pressing; supposed to be Maffitt & Davies (as 'Davis') in disguise; a-side tune written by them; Nick Venet produced (as 'Vick' on label!!); record slight EX to mostly M-EX+$45
*SOLD* FRITTS, DONNIE: Sumpin' Funky Going On DJ m/s - US (Atlantic 3255) 1974 -- original US Promo pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; Jerry Wexler co-produced with Kris Kristofferson; small writing on stereo labelEX+*SOLD*
FROST, MAX - THE TROOPERS: Shape Of Things To Come + BOBBY VEE Suzie Baby - CAN (Underground URC 106) -- Canadian label reissue pressing of classic oldie; new old store stock; Max Frost & The Troopers on one side and Bobby Vee on the otherM-$10
FULLER, TOMMY: What'd I Say + Soul Twist - US (Giant 1005) 1962 -- original US pressing; a-side is Ray Charles tune with Buzz Cason on vocals; b-side is instro; small writing on label b-side; record sight VG to mostly VG+VG(+)$25
FULSOM, LOWELL: Little Angel + Black Nights - US (Kent 431) 1965 Mono -- original 1965 US pressing: gray label; label has tiny writing; record slight VG(+) up to VG++VG+$13
FULSOM, LOWELL: Lonesome Christmas Pt 1 & 2 - US (Hollywood 1022) 1972 -- US White Label pressing of issue from early-1970s; label has small writing a-side; record mostly M-EX+$15
FULSOM, LOWELL: Man Of Motion + Teach Me - US (Jewel 820) 1970 -- original US pressing; blue labelEX$12
FUN AND GAMES: We + Gotta Say Goodbye - US (UNI 55128) 1969 -- original US Promo pressing; with UNI company sleeve; I think 'We' is a non-LP trackEX+$15
FUZZ: Like An Open Door DJ mono + stereo - US (Calla 177) 1970 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; a-side label has small sticker and small stain; record plays VG to VG+VG(+)$8
FUZZY KANE TRIO: Monday Monday + Secret Love - US (Bay Sound 67009) 1969 Mono -- original US pressing; yellow label; small writing on a-side; record VG+ to EX+EX$25

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