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Here's a list of NEW ADDITIONS of 45s.

GRADING is Cover/Record and is based on the Goldmine system; most 45s come with only a plain paper sleeve so have only one grade: for the record alone. All grading is done visually using a bare 150 watt light. Occasional play-grading will be noted. Here's a full explanation of my grading and abbreviations .

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G-CLEFS: I Understand + Little Girl I Love You - US (Terrace 7500) 1961 Mono -- original US pressing; black label silver print; record VG+ and maybe some betterVG+$10
G-CLEFS: I Understand + Little Girl I Love You - US (Terrace 7500) 1961 Mono -- original US pressing; record visually G+/VG- but plays VG-/VG: mostly just lite scuffs; record is rough visually with some deep scratches (G/G+) but plays a bit better than it looksVG-$8
GALLION, BOB: Biggest Break + Much Too Young To Die - US (Hickory 1239) 1964 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressingVG+$12
GAMMA GOOCHEE: Gamma Goochee + I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog - US (Colpix 786) 1965 -- original US pressing: commercial issue; soul rock band later changed name to GAME which recorded two LP's on the Evolution label; full title of a-side: "(You Got) The Gamma Goochee"; drillhole in label; record visually VG+ but plays VG+ to EXVG+$30
GANGSTERS: Shake Your Body + instro - US (Heat 2002) 1981 Stereo -- original US commercial pressing; artist shown as 'Gangsters' = the Chicago Gangsters; b-side = instrumental; old store stock; I assume this is stereoM-$14
GANGSTERS: Strung Out On The Boogie + Shake Your Body - US (Heat 2007) 1981 Stereo -- original US pressing; artist shown as just the 'Gangsters' = the Chicago Gangsters; beginning of Strung Out plays VG/VG+ but then rest of 45 is EX/EX+VG+$10
GARBER, JAN: Toyland Jubilee + Hi Beautiful - US (Capitol F 1886) 1951 Mono -- Original US pressing; a-side is related to the Season; Jan Garber - "Idol Of The Airlanes" and His Orchestra; seasonal tune 'Toyland'; record VG to some VG+; with Capitol sleeveVG(+)$15
GARRETT, JOHNNY - AND THE RISING SUNS: Get Around Downtown Girl + Good People - US (UNI 55179) 1969 Mono -- nice sunshine pop with nod to Beach Boys and Carter-Lewis sounds; original US Promo Label pressing; inculdes UNI company sleeveM-$17
GARRETT, VERNON: I'm At The Crossroad Parts 1 and 2 - US (ICA 003) 1977 -- original US pressing; record VG+ to EXEX-$11
GATELY, JIMMY: Melinda + Things Called Memories - US (Decca 31698) 1964 Mono -- original US Pink Label Promo pressing; record VG+ to EXEX-$10
GENTLE PERSUASION: Lean On Me + Lu - US (Paramount 0067) -- original US Commercial issue -- usually only seen in demo copy; nice girl group sounds; record EX- to M-EX$38
GENTLEMEN: I Really Love You + Elephants - US (Spirit 837C) -- original US Wisconsin label pressing; side one is in British invasion style; side two is more garagey 60s rock; record visually VG/VG+ but plays VG+ to mostly VG++VG+$100
GENTY: You Don't Know Like I Know + Baby Goodnight - US (Venture 133) 1979 Stereo -- original US pressing; includes Venture company sleeve; record VG+ to EXEX-$8
GETZ, STAN: Stan Getz Quintet EP + PS - US (Clef 149) 1953 Mono -- 4-song EP; selections from 'Stan Getz Plays' LP; scarce Extended Play with Picture Cover; cover has small clear tape on one seam and small 'Hi-Fi' sticker on front; record close to VG+ play; songs include: Stars Fell on Alabama; The Way You Look Tonight; Tis Autumn; Lover Come Back To MeVG/VG(+)$18
GETZ, STUART: I'm A Song Sing Me + You Don't Love Me Anymore - US (Mercury 73829) 1976 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; small writing on label; record slight VG+ to mostly EX/EX+EX$10
GIBBS, GEORGIA: I Want You To Be My Baby + Come Rain Or Come Shine - US (Mercury 70685) 1955 Mono -- original US pressing from 1955; record VG/VG+VG(+)$14
GIBSON, STEVE: I Went To Your Wedding + Together - US (ABC-Paramount 10105) 1960 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; small sticker and tiny tear on label b-side; record VG to VG+VG(+)$12
GIVENS FAMILY: The Year Of The Child DJ mono + stereo - US (Venture 119) 1979 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; Tony Camillo production and songwriting; same song in mono and stereo versionsM-$8
GOLIATH: Yesterday's Children + If Johnny Comes Marching Home - US (ABC 11267) 1969 -- original US White Label Promo pressing; small number written on label; recorded at Sigma Sound Studio in Philadelphia; couple small scratches in 'If Johnny' which may make a few clicks otherwise rest of record is EXVG+$10
GOODEES: Jilted + same - US (Hip 8010) 1969 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; girl group; record VG+ to EX(+)EX-$10
GOODMAN, AL - HIS ORCHESTRA: HMS Pinafore - US (RCA EKB 1002) 1950 Mono -- Original US pressing; double 7-inch EP set in gatefold cover; tiny tear and small writing on front of cover otherwise VG++; records tiny VG+ up to M-; mostly EXVG+/EX$18
GOODMAN, DICKIE: Touchables + Martian Melody - US (Mark-X 8009) 1961 -- original US pressing; record VG to VG+VG(+)$10
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD: Closer To Home + Gimme Shelter - US (Capitol X-6209) Stereo -- US Capitol label reissue pressing of classic oldieEX$10
GRANGER, GERRI: You Must Be Doing Something Right + I Cried - US (Double L 734) 1964 Mono -- original US pressing; record EX to M-EX+$14
GRATEFUL DEAD: Truckin' + Ripple - US (Warner 7464) 1970 -- original US White Label PROMO pressing; some writing and small sticker on 'Truckin' side label; record looks VG to VG+; dj press should play more to VG+VG(+)$28
GRAVES, CARL: Something's Telling Me + Hey Radio - US (A&M 1716) 1975 Stereo -- original US pressing; Canadian musician; former percussionist with Skylark; hardly-seen US issue copyEX$22
GRAY, CLAUDE: Go Home Cheater + I'm Gonna Lie Again - US (Mercury 72156) 1963 -- original US pressing; label has small drillholeEX$12
GRAY, DOBIE: Do You Really Have A Heart DJ + same - US (White Whale 330) 1969 -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song both sides; tiny writing on label; on the commercial issue this would be the flip of the mega-rare What A Way To Go; this copy has 'Do You Really' on both sides; record EX to M-EX+$25
GRAY, GREEN: Welcome To The Club + Another Man - US (Daralina 1051) 1960s Mono -- original US pressing; record slight VG to mostly VG+VG(+)$8
GRAY, PEARLEAN: Don't Rush Me Baby + Let Them Talk - US (DCP 1143) -- original US White Label Promo pressing; nice soul with group; record visually VG-/VG and dj copy plays mostly nice VG to even a bit of VG+VG$27
GREAT AMERICAN DISASTER: Pushbike Song DJ m/s - US (United Artists 50758) 1971 -- original US pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; label has tiny writing stereo sideVG+$17
*SOLD* GREAT PRIDE: She's A Lady DJ m/s - US (MGM 14741) 1974 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; interracial band out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey; recorded in Philadelphia; soul rock with progressive feel; record is rough visually (G/VG) and has scratches but plays through on both sides: stereo side plays VG to VG+; mono side mostly VG-/VG+; tiny writing on labelVG*SOLD*
GREEN, GARLAND: Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us + Ask Me For What You Want - US (RCA 10889) 1977 -- Original US Promo pressing; record EX to M-; INTERNATIONAL Note: I can ship this to some countries by USPS First Class Mail but only IF you understand I declare full value for Customs (see 'International Instructions' section below)EX+$125
GREEN, GARLAND: Jealous Kind Of Fella + I Can't Believe You Quit Me - US (UNI 55143) -- original US pressing; Jo Armstead co-wrote both sides; record VG+/EX-VG+$12
GREEN, GRANT: The Battle - Part 1 & 2 - US (Blue Note 1972) 1972 -- original US pressing; record VG+ to EXEX-$10
GREEN, JESSE: Flip DJ m/s - US (United Artists XW955-Y) 1977 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; same song in mono and stereo versionsVG+$10
GREENBAUM, NORMAN: Spirit In The Sky + THE ROUTERS Let's Go - US (American Pie 9004) Stereo -- US reissue pressing of classic oldie; new old store stock; slight EX to mostly M-EX+$10
GREENE, LORNE: Five Card Stud + Shadow Of The Cactus - US (RCA 8757) 1965 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; a-side grades EX- (VG+ to EX); b-side VG+VG+$10
GRIER, ROSEY: Take The Time To Love Somebody DJ m/s - US (20th Century 2212) 1975 -- original US Promo pressing; some song in mono and stereo versions; small writing on labelEX+$18
GRIER, ROSEY: You're The Violin DJ m/s - US (A&M 1500) 1974 -- original US White Label Promo pressing; Jeff Barry song and production; some song in mono and stereo versions; record VG+ to EXEX-$10
GRIFFITH INC., JOHNNY: Grand Central Shuffle + My Love - US (RCA 74-0805) 1972 -- original US commercial issueEX+$14
GROOVERS: Ain't Too Proud To Beg + Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday - US (A&M 1150) 1970 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; label has sticker on b-side; record VG+ to EX+EX$42
GUARNIERI, JOHNNIE: Jealous + Nobody's Sweetheart - US (Varsity 45251) 1950s Mono -- Original US pressing; record VG/VG+VG(+)$17
GURVITZ, ADRIAN: Way I Feel + Drifting Star - UK (Jet 140) 1979 Stereo -- English pressing; record slight VG up to VG++VG+$10

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