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GRADING is Cover/Record and is based on the Goldmine system; most 45s come with only a plain paper sleeve so have only one grade: for the record alone. All grading is done visually using a bare 150 watt light. Occasional play-grading will be noted. Here's a full explanation of my grading and abbreviations .

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J. KELLY AND THE PREMIERS: She Calls Me Baby + Signed Sealed Delivered (My Heart) - US (Roadshow 7005) 1973 -- original US pressing; record slight EX- to mostly EX+/M-EX$10
JACKSON, J.J.: Fat Black And Together DJ - US (Congress 6008) 1969 -- original US Promo Label pressing; same song both sides; small writing on label; Jackson of Greatest Little Soul Band In The Land (World)EX$16
JACKSON, JERRY: Gypsy Eyes + Turn Back - US (Kapp 511) 1963 Mono -- original US black label commercial copy; great performance and top songwriting and production by Bob Crewe with Bert KeyesEX-$75
JACKSON, MILLIE: Something You Can Feel DJ (Single Edit) - US (Jive 1111-7-JAA) 1988 Stereo -- oiriginal US Promo Label copy; same song both sides; record looks to be mostly unplayed: slight EX to mostly M-EX+$8
JACKSON, WALTER: Baby I Love Your Way DJ m/s - US (Chi-Sound 964) 1977 -- original US Promo Label pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; Peter Frampton song!; from the LP I Want To Come Back As A SongM-$15
JACKSON, WALTER: Feelings + Words (Are Impossible) - US (Chi-Sound 908) 1976 -- produced by Carl Davis; from the LP Feeling GoodEX+$10
JACKSON, WALTER: If I Had My Way + We Could Fly - US (Chi-Sound 1140) 1978 -- produced by Carl Davis; from the LP Good To See You; new old store stock; label has 'o' stamp on both sides; record EX to mostly M-EX+$12
JACKSON, WALTER: Speak Her Name + They Don't Give Medals... - US (Okeh 7272) -- original US pressingVG+$17
JAGGERZ: The Rapper + I Call My Baby Candy - US (Collectables 3519) Stereo -- US reissue pressing of classic oldie; new old store stockEX+$8
JAMES, ETTA: Pushover + I Can't Hold It In Any More - US (Argo 5437) 1963 -- original US pressingVG$10
JAMES, TOMMY - SHONDELLS: Mony Mony + Crystal Blue Persuasion - US (Roulette GG-73) Stereo -- US reissue pressing of classic oldie; new old store stock; Golden Goodies series; record EX to M-EX+$8
JAMES COTTON BLUES BAND: The Mule + The Coach's Better Days - US (Verve Forecast 5107) 1969 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; record plays slight VG to mostly VG+VG(+)$10
JAMIE: Sunshine Bus + Sweet Jane - US (Capitol 2395) 1968 Mono -- Jamie Carr; produced by Artie Kornfeld; Promo Green Label; tiny writing on label; record EX/EX+EX$20
JAMUL: Movin' To The Country + Ramblin' Man - US (Lizard X21004) 1970 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; good blues hard rock band with psych influence; record VG to VG+VG(+)$18
JAN & DEAN: Linda + When I Learn How To Cry - US (Liberty 55531) 1963 Mono -- original US White Label Promo copy; tiny # written on labelVG+$18
JAN & JILL: Dream Lover DJ m/s - US (20th Century 2304) 1976 -- Promo Label: same song in mono & stereo versions; song written by Bobby Darin; produced by Michael LloydEX+$10
JANUARY: Turn Me Around + Remember Baby - US (Warner 7415) 1970 Mono -- original US White Label Promo copy; "Turn Me" from the film 'Chisum'; 45 has original Warner sleeve; record EX to M-EX+$15
JAZZ GRASSERS: Hey Baby + Along The Navajo Trail - US (Capitol 5784) 1960s Mono -- original US White Label Promo Label pressing; 'Hey Baby' is the Bruce Channel tune; jazz bluegrass instros; label has writing on b-side; record VG to VG+VG(+)$10
JEFFREY, JOE - GROUP: My Pledge Of Love + Margie - US (Wand 11200) 1969 -- Original US pressingVG+$8
JEFFRIES, HERB: Se´┐Żor Flamingo - US (RCA EPA-4174) 1958 Mono -- original US pressing; 7-inch four-song EP with cardboard cover; record VG+ to maybe some VG++; cover has very tiny split bottom seam and tiny stain and small writing on back otherwise VG+ to some VG++VG+/VG+$40
JELLY BEANS: I Wanna Love Him So Bad + So Long - US (Red Bird 10-003) 1964 Mono -- original US pressing; label has tiny writing and drillhole; record pretty clean for this title: only a few lite mostly surface marks; VG+ to EXVG+$20
JENKINS, LITTLE EARL: Doing The Popcorn + You Don't Miss Your Water - US (Reynaud 1021) 1969 Mono -- original US pressing of rare boogaloo mod dancer; Texas City, Texas label; record EX to EX+; tiny # on labelEX$175
JOEY CHARLES DRUMS: The Rub + RALPH JOHNSON - Little By Little - US (Dome 4002) -- original US pressing; a-side Joey Charles Drums performs "The Rub" with vocal background by The Delighters; tune was featured on a couple of compilations like "Mondo Frat Dance Bash a Go Go: Only in America" and "Baltimore's Teen Beat A Go Go"; b-side: Ralph Johnson performs the vaguely rockin country "Little By Little" with vocal background by Black & Blue; record has tiny edge warp which does NOT affect play on my turntable; rest of record VG+ to EX+EX-$40
JOHN, MABLE: If You Give Up What You Got + You're Taking Up Another Man's Place - US (Stax 205) 1967 Mono -- original US pressing; record VG+ to EX; tiny drillhole in labelEX-$16
JOHNNIE AND JACK: Poison Love + Cryin' Heart Blues - US (RCA 447-0535) 1951 -- original US pressingEX+$14
JOHNS, JOHNNY - AND THE ADMIRAL TONES: Someone + Stompin' USA - US (Hi Mar 1002) -- original US pressing; one side by Johnny Johns (probably backed by the Admiral Tones) and the other side is by the Admiral Tones; record has very small edge warp which causes a soft swish for about first 10 seconds of play -- otherwise record looks and plays EX/EX+VG+$50
JOHNSON, DOTTS: Street Of Dreams + Paradise - US (Metro 20002) 1950s Mono -- original US pressing; pop rnb vocal with orchestra cond. by Leroy Holmes; a-side VG-/VG; Paradise side G+; actor also known as Dots Johnson; record is rough visually with some deep scratches (G/G+) but plays a bit better than it looksVG-$7
JOHNSON, HOWARD: Slide + That Magic Touch Can Send You Flying - US (Shout 237) 1968 Mono -- original US pressing; label has small drillhole; record VG+ to EXEX-$14
*SOLD* JOHNSON, MARV: Come To Me + Whisper - US (United Artists 160) 1959 -- Original US pressing; a-side has tear on labelVG*SOLD*
JOHNSON, RAY - WITH THE BYSTANDERS: Love A La Mode + No Stone Unturned - US (Dot 15512) 1956 Mono -- nice rockin' R&B item, 'Love A La Mode' side is jumpin' tune and plays VG to EX; No Stone is bluesy ballad with a little noise at start and overall VG to VG+ playVG+$17
JOHNSON, SYL: Dresses Too Short + I CanTake Care Of Business - US (Twinight 110) -- original US pressing; record very slight EX to mostly M-EX+$22
JOLLY, GREGG: Love Is + It's Getting Sweeter - US (Enjoy 6015) 1981 -- original US pressingEX$15
JOLSON, AL: Souvenir Album Vol. 2 - US (Decca 9-8) 1950 Mono -- Original US pressing; 7-inch boxed set with four singles; 45s in Decca company sleeves; records definitely used: they grade from FAIR to VG; box has wear but not bad: box in mostly VG/VG+ condition; songs include: I'm Sitting on Top of the World; When You Were Sweet Sixteen; Carolina in the Morning, Golden Gate; Waiting for the Robert E. Lee; Liza; Back in Your Own Back Yard; Toot Toot TootsieVG/G+$12
JONES, DIZZY: Come On And Love Me + Unexplainable - US (Blue Rock 4009) 1965 Mono -- original US pressing; James Brown production; label has tiny drillhole and small writing on b-side; record visually VG+ but could play some betterVG+$13
JONES, GEORGE - MARGIE SINGLETON: Are You Mine + I Don't Hear You - US (Mercury 72159) 1963 -- original US pressing; record VG+ to mostly VG++EX-$12
JONES, GEORGE - MELBA MONTGOMERY: What's In Our Heart + Let's Invite Them Over - US (United Artists 635) 1964 -- original US pressing with United Artists sleeveVG+$10
JONES, GLORIA: Look What You Started + When He Touches Me - US (Minit 32051) 1968 -- original US Promo pressing; Artie Butler arranged; record visually VG to VG+ but dj styrene plays nice VG+VG(+)$17
JONES, GRANDPA - HIS GRANDCHILDREN: Thing + The Ladies Man - US (Monument 422) 1960 Mono -- original US pressingVG+$14
JONES, JIMMY: Good Timin' + STEAM Na Na Hey Hey - US (Collectables 4227) 1986 -- US reissue pressing of classic oldie; new old store stockEX+$8
JONES, JOE: You Talk Too Much + California Sun - US (Roulette GG-7) Stereo -- US reissue pressing of classic oldie; new old store stock; Golden Goodies series; record EX to M-M-$10
JONES, LINDA: Body Fever (Let's Go Party) + instrumental - US (Spirit 777-7) Stereo -- original US pressingM-$12
JONES, LINDA: Your Precious Love + Don't Go (I Can't Bear To Be Alone) - US (Turbo 021) -- original US pressingEX+$15
JONES, LOTTIE JOE: I'll Drown In My Own Tears + You Are My Sunshine - US (Capitol 5856) 1967 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; "You Are My Sunshine" is GROOVIN' version of that song with female vocal backup; arrangements by Leon Russell; label has tiny writing; record visually VG to VG+ with probably mostly VG+ playVG(+)$12
JONES, SPIKE: I Want Eddie Fisher For Christmas + Japanese Skokiaan - US (RCA 5920) 1954 Mono -- Original US pressing; record VG to VG+VG(+)$20
JONES, SPIKE - HIS CITY SLICKERS: The Charleston + Charlestono-Mio - US (RCA Victor 3198) 1949 -- Original US pressing; record looks to be VG to mostly VG+VG(+)$16
JONES, TAMIKO: Boy You're Growing On Me + Ooh Baby Baby - US (Atlantis 157) -- original US pressingEX+$12
JONES, TOM: Detroit City + Ten Guitars - US (Parrot 40012) 1967 -- Original US pressing; Top 40 hitVG++$8
JONESES: Pretty Pretty + instrumental - US (VMP 0005) 1972 -- original US pressing of nice group soul soundsM-$10
JORDAN, LOUIS - TYMPANY FIVE: Lemonade + (You Dyed Your Hair) Chartreuse - US (Decca 9-27324) 1950 -- Original US pressing; record visually VG/VG+ and plays better; 'Lemonade' plays VG+ and a bit better in spots; 'Chartreuse' plays VG to mostly VG+VG(+)$30
JORDAN BROTHERS: Charlotte + We'll Make It - US (Turbo 002) 1968 Mono -- original US pressing; arranged & produced by Bert Keyes; record very close to EX: a few very tiny-bubbles in pressing else EX/EX+EX-$17
JUICE: Catch A Groove + Feel Like Good Music - US (Greedy 108) 1976 -- original US pressing; label has tiny writing on 'Catch' side; times: Feel Like = 3:30 and Catch = 2:46EX$30
JUICY: Love's A Merry-Go-Round + Sing The Message - US (Arista 1032) 1982 Stereo -- original US pressing; commercial issue with two songs (not dj with same song both sides); Eumir Deodato produced; record slight EX- up to EX+EX$12
JUST ME: Whisper Softly Gentle Breeze DJ - US (Give G-3) Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing with same song both sides; female vocal in girl group style a la Lesley Gore; plays VG to VG+; Tony Camillo involved with writing and arranging; produced by Jim Kemper for Boy WonderVG(+)$15
JUST US: I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree + I Can Save You - US (Minuteman 203) 1966 Mono -- Rare local Massachusetts label (original US release - before Colpix and Kapp); cool folk with Chip Taylor and Al Gorgoni; record VG+ to EX with just very lite marksEX-$18

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