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GRADING is Cover/Record and is based on the Goldmine system; most 45s come with only a plain paper sleeve so have only one grade: for the record alone. All grading is done visually using a bare 150 watt light. Occasional play-grading will be noted. Here's a full explanation of my grading and abbreviations .

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NATHANSON AND SCHOENHOLZ: Baby Won't You Give Me A Chance DJ mono + stereo - US (Verve 10712) 1973 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song written by the duo in mono and stereo versions; arranged by Michael Omartian; Doug Gilmore production; record slight VG+ to mostly EX/EX+EX$13
NATURE: Do Your Own Thing + same by The Partners - US (Alithia 6044) 1972 -- original US Promo Label copy; same song both sides but by different artists; record EX- to M-EX$10
NATURE ZONE: Nobody Can Love Me (Like You Do) DJ m/s - US (London 246) 1976 Stereo -- original US promo label pressing; same song in mono and stereo versionsEX+$12
NAYLOR, JERRY: Chokin' Kind + Helga - US (Columbia 44809) 1969 Mono -- original US While Label Promo pressing; both songs produced and arranged by Harley Hatcher; Helga is theme song for film 'Helga And Michael'; Bob Summers arranged b-side; record slight EX- up to EX+EX$22
NELSON, JACK: Ladder Of Love + I Put Away Some Memories - US (Kajac 501) -- original US pressing; record VG to VG+; mostly VG+ playVG(+)$30
NELSON, RICK - STONE CANYON BAND: Rock And Roll Lady DJ m/s - US (MCA 40458) 1975 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song in mono and stereo versionsVG+$8
NEW APOCALYPSE: Stainless Soul + Wichita Lineman - US (MTA 185) 1970 -- original US Promo Label pressing; great funk instro; much sampledVG+$25
NEW CONCEPTS: Give Me Another Chance + Over The Rainbow - US (Philips 40570) 1968 Mono -- original US pressing; label has small drillhole; 45 includes Philips sleeve; a-side EX+; b-side VG+ to EX+EX$25
NEWMAN, JIMMY: What'cha Gonna Do + So Soon - US (MGM 12749) 1959 Mono -- original US pressingVG$10
NEWTON, WAYNE: Love Of The Common People + It's Still Loving You - US (Capitol 2016) 1967 -- Original US pressingVG++$7
NIGHTCAPS: Wine Wine Wine + Nightcap Rock - US (Vandan 7491) 1960 Mono -- original US pressing; rare 45 by this garage blues rock group; record visually VG-/VG but plays solid VG and even some better; released 1959-60VG$18
NITECAPPERS: After The Twist + Scottie's Twist - US (Apex 1603) -- original US pressing; Scottie's is rockin instro; After The Twist is 'twist' vocal; white groupVG+$25
NOBLES, CLIFF: Switch It On + Burning Desire - US (Phil-L.A. 324) 1969 -- original US pressing; writing on both sides of labelVG+$10
NOBODY'S CHILDREN: I Can't Let Go + Don'tcha Feel Like Cryin' - US (Bullet 1000) 1967 -- original US Promo Label pressing; Maryland band which also recorded as The Surf Boys; A-side is cover of Hollies tune; B-side rock with some fuzz; member Jan Zukowski later was in The Cherry People; Bullet was the original label for this single before Buddah picked it up; label has 'plug side' sticker on a-side and small writing on b-side; record visually VG but dj styrene plays VG to VG+VG(+)$16
NOEL, DICK: When I'm Alone + These Are The Things We'll Share - US (Fraternity 711) 1955 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; 'These' side has sticker on label; record VG+ to VG++VG+$12
NORMAN, FRED: Sittin' On A Moonbeam + Jitterbug Waltz - US (Riverside 4536) 1960s Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; small writing on label a-side; record slight EX- up to EX+; instrosEX$12
NOTEWORTHIES: Kissproof Lips + L'Amour Toujours L'Amour - US (Kapp 260) 1959 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; record VG+ to VG++VG+$10
NU TORNADOS: Magic Record + Philadelphia U.S.A. - US (Carlton 492) 1959 Mono -- original US pressing; record VG+ to EXEX-$12
NUTMEGS: Story Untold + Make Me Lose My Mind - US (Herald 452) 1955 Mono -- Original US pressing; 'x' on each side of label; record is rough with scratches and a few are deep: visually Fair condition but has mostly G play (= noisy but no skips); sold 'as is' but scarce with this labelG$8
NYTRO: What It Is + Give Me One More Chance - US (Whitfield 8356) 1977 -- soul-funk-oriented dancers; produced by Norman Whitfield; US pressingEX+$8

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