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GRADING is Cover/Record and is based on the Goldmine system; most 45s come with only a plain paper sleeve so have only one grade: for the record alone. All grading is done visually using a bare 150 watt light. Occasional play-grading will be noted. Here's a full explanation of my grading and abbreviations .

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P.D.V.: Write It Down + PDV Medley - US (Prime 101) 1982 Stereo -- original US pressing; new old store stock: record might have a couple of tiny surface mark from storage but is mostly M-EX+$19
PACESETTERS: Ronnie's Beat + That's All - US (Wink 1008) 1962 -- original US pressing; "That's All" with the Day Dreamers; record VG+ to EXEX-$18
PAL & THE PROPHETS: Peace Pipe + Tea-Pee - US (Jamie 1382) 1969 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; tiny # on label; record looks basically unplayed: slight EX to mostly M-EX+$40
PANIC BUTTONS: O-Wow + Lisa - US (Chalom C-102-O) 1969 -- original US pressing; great funk instros; record visually VG+ to EX with only blemish mostly just a lite storage haze; should play VG+ to EX and maybe even some betterEX-$30
PARKER, CECIL: Really Really Love You long + short version - US (TEC 766) 1980 Stereo -- original US pressing; 70s soul; new old store stock; label doesn't indicate stereo/mono but 1980 assumed stereoM-$10
PARKS, BERNICE: Shake A Hand + Embrasse - US (Mercury 70224) 1953 Mono -- original US pressingVG+$12
PARKS, SONNY: Raindrops On A River + Nobody But Me - US (Feature 103) 1960s Mono -- original US pressing; excellent teen rock/pop sounds from early 1960s; small writing on labelVG$18
PARTNERSHIP: Gonna Spend My Life Lovin' You + Angels In The Dark - US (Cub 9161) 1968 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; tiny writing on a-side label; record visually VG+ to EX with mostly EX playEX-$19
PATTERSON, BOBBY: I Got To Get Over + If I Hadn't Slipped Up And Got Caught - US (Granite 536) 1976 -- original US pressingEX$27
PAUL, BUNNY: You Came A Long Way From St. Louis + You Are Always In My Heart - US (Essex 371) 1954 Mono -- orange label original US pressing of early RnB sides by Paul; good stuffVG$15
PAUL, LES - MARY FORD: I Really Don't Want To Know + South - US (Capitol F 2735) 1954 Mono -- Original US pressing; record VG/VG+VG(+)$9
PAUL, LES: Lady Of Spain + My Baby's Coming Home - US (Capitol F 2265) 1952 Mono -- Original US pressing; record VG/VG+VG(+)$9
PAUL, LES - MARY FORD: Vaya Con Dios + Johnny (Is The Boy For Me) - US (Capitol F 2486) 1953 Mono -- Original US pressing; record looks VG but could play to some VG+VG$9
PAUL, LES - AND MARY FORD: Whither Thou Goest EP - US (Capitol EAP 1-559) 1956 Mono -- original US pressing; 4-song 7" EP with Picture Cover; record some VG up to VG+; songs include: Whither Thou Goest, Nola, Take Me In Your Arms and Hold Me, MandolinoVG(+)/VG$15
PAUL & JOJO: Follow Me DJ mono + stereo - US (Bell 312) 1973 Mono -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; Snuff Garrett production; includes Bell sleeveEX+$12
PAXTON, TOM: Whose Garden Was This? one-sided DJ - US (Elektra TP-2) Mono -- original US Promo Label one-sided pressing; John Denver covered this tune on his album of the same name; flip side (blank side) has writing on label -- funny artistic creation: the artist titled that side "Wippy-Dippy-Do" on the 'Slob Records' label complete with pic of slob smoking stogie? and flies buzzing; 'The Phleegle Frammis Authority' and 'Intro - :007'VG+$12
PAYNE, FREDA: Band Of Gold + 8th DAY: She's Not Just Another Woman - US (Ripete 144) 1980s -- US reissue; double-sided hit with 8TH DAY on flip; record looks barely played: EX to M-EX+$10
PEERCE, JAN: Gesu Bambino + 4 - US (RCA ERA 132) 1950s Mono -- Original early-1950s US pressing; 7-inch 45rpm EP with five songs; record VG up to some VG+; songs include: Gesu Bambino; Oh Holy Night; Maria On The Mountain; Behold A Branch Is Growing; O SanctissimaVG$13
PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Rough-Ride DJ mono & stereo - US (Philadelphia International 3658) 1978 Stereo -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song both sides = 3:30 version; includes PIR sleeveEX$10
PEPPERS: Doctor's Music DJ m/s - US (Big Tree 1604) 1975 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; same song in mono and stereo versionsEX+$10
PEPS: This I Pray + Thinkin' About You - US (D-Town 1060) 1965 Mono -- original US pressing; aka The Fabulous Peps; record visually VG to VG+; a-side plays VG+; b-side VG/VG+VG(+)$30
PERRY, LINDA: It's All In The Back Of Me Now + Everyone Has Someone - US (Mainstream 5555) 1974 Stereo -- original US pressing; record EX/EX+EX$125
PERSUADERS: I Need Love DJ mono + stereo - US (Calla 3006) 1976 Stereo -- original US White Label Promo pressing; same song in mono and stereo versionsM-$12
PERSUADERS: Thin Line Between Love And Hate + Thigh Spy - US (Atco 6822) 1971 -- original US pressing; record EX/EX+; includes Atco sleeveEX$12
PET SHOP BOYS: West End Girls + A Man Could Get Arrested - UK (Parlophone 6115) 1985 -- English pressingEX$8
PETERSON, BOBBY: Irrresistable You + Piano Rock - US (Collectables 1200) -- US reissue pressing of classic oldie; new old store stockM-$8
PETERSON, OSCAR: Tenderly + Debut: Orange Vinyl - US (Mercury 8917) 1951 Mono -- original early-1950s US pressing on ORANGE WAX; includes Mercury label sleeve; seen this dated variously as 1950-52: in any case early 45 by him; record looks VG to VG+(+)VG+$20
PETTICOATS: I Ain't Gonna Do It No More + Manhattan Mountains - US (Prep 125) 1957 Mono -- original US pressingVG+$14
PFB: Betcha I Can (Make Ya Feel Good) - US (PFR 100) -- original US pressing on Philadelphia Funk Records; a-side M-; b-side EX/EX+; sides 1a & 1b both 4:00EX+$30
PHILLIPS, ESTHER: Baby I'm For Real DJ - US (Kudu 906) -- original US White Label Promo pressing; small writing on label; seems to be same song both sides (4:20)EX+$10
PHILLIPS, ESTHER: For All We Know + Fever - US (Kudu 929) 1976 -- original US pressing; Joe Beck guitar and arrangementsEX+$10
PHILLIPS, LITTLE ESTHER: You're The Reason I'm Living + It's Too Soon To Know - US (Atlantic 2251) 1964 Mono -- Original US pressing; small drillhole in label; record close to EXEX-$14
PHILLIPS, TEDDY - JACK HALLORAN CHOIR: Concert In The Sky - US (Decca ED 715) 1955 Mono -- Original US pressing; two 7-inch EPs in gatefold cover; Howard Miller narrator; cover has tiny split bottom of one seam; records tiny VG(+) up to VG+++; mostly VG+ and better; Howard Miller narrator; in the 1960s Phillips transitioned his band into The Mexicali BrassVG+/VG+$23
PIANO RED: Rockin' With Red EP + PS - US (RCA EPA-5091) 1959 Mono -- original US pressing: red label; 4-song EP with Picture Cover; RCA Gold Standard Series; cover and record both VG+ to EX; Dr. FeelgoodVG+/EX-$50
PICKETT, WILSON: I Found A True Love + For Better Or Worse - US (Atlantic 2558) 1968 Mono -- original US Promo label pressing: white and red label and says "Plug Side" for I Found A True Love; small writing on a-side label; record VG+ to EXEX-$10
PIPER, WARDELL: Super Sweet + Don't Turn Away From Me Baby - US (Midsong 1005) 1979 Stereo -- original US pressing; arrangements by Morris Bailey; store stock 45: just a couple tiny surface marks -- mostly M-; old store stockEX+$8
PLATTERS: I Need You All The Time + Give Thanks - US (Federal 12271) 1956 -- original US pressing; record visually mostly VG but plays VG to VG+VG(+)$48
PLAYBOYS: Over The Weekend + Double Talk - US (Martinique 101) 1958 -- original US pressing; vocal group; record looks VG-VG with mostly solid VG playVG$20
POE, BOBBY: Rock & Roll Record Girl + Rock & Roll Boogie - US (White Rock 1112) 1958 Mono -- original US white label pressing; Bobby Poe and the Poe Kats: they were Wanda Jackson's first rock and roll backing band; record looks VG but 'Girl' plays VG to a lot of VG+ and 'Boogie' plays VG/VG+; International Customers: I will ship this only via USPS Express Mail in order to provide full tracking and signature on delivery; Express Mail ca. $30VG(+)$175
POINTER SISTERS: I'm In Love DJ + same - US (RCA 8378) 1988 Stereo -- original US white label promo copy, same song both sides; on the commercial release 'Uh Uh' is on the flip side; record EX to M-EX+$10
POPPA JOHN GORDY: Muskrat Ramble + Fortune In Dreams - US (RCA 5862) 1954 Mono -- Original US pressing; record looks VG-/VG but might play mostly VG to a bit of VG+VG$12
POPULAR FIVE: Baby I've Got It + same - US (Mister Chand 8001) 1970 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; tiny-wol; mono and stereo versions of songEX$16
POSITIVE SOUNDS: The Creeper DJ m/s - US (Chelsea DJHO-0074) 1973 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing, involvement of J. R. BAILEY; same song both sides: mono and stereo versions; has original Chelsea sleeve; mostly instrumental; on the commercial copy 'Whole World Is Out To Lunch' would be the flip sideEX$22
POWELL, WILLIAM: Strawberry Blonde + Politics - US (Venett 102) -- original US pressing; label stamped 'promo 11-62'VG$20
POWERFUL PEOPLE: Little Girl Say Yes DJ m/s - US (Epic 50390) 1977 -- original US Promo Label Pressing; same song in mono and stereo versions; record EX-/EX+; tiny edge chip does NOT affect song)EX$50
PRADO, PEREZ - HIS ORCHESTRA: Syncopated Clock Mambo + Broadway Mambo - US (RCA Victor 47-4196) 1951 -- Original US pressing; visually VG-/VG but probably plays mostly VG and maybe some betterVG$13
PRADO, PREZ: Big Hits By Prado EP - US (RCA LPC-114) 1961 Mono -- original US Compact 33 Double: EP with Picture Cover; cover in original Shrink Wrap with original 'nationally advertised price' (1.49!!); cover has small cutout holeEX/M-$18
PRANA PEOPLE: Is Your Life A Party? DJ m/s - US (Warner 8353) 1977 -- original US Promo Label Pressing; same song in mono and stereo versionsEX$10
PRECISIONS: Instant Heartbreak + Dream Girl - US (Drew 1004) 1967 -- original White Label US pressing; small drillhole in labelVG+$32
PREE SISTERS: Let's Get Together DJ stereo + mono - US (Capitol 3472) 1972 Stereo -- original US Promo Label pressing; mono & stereo versions of same songM-$17
PRESIDENTS: 5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years Of Love) + I'm Still Dancing - US (Sussex 207) 1970 -- original US pressing; tiny drillhole in label; Van McCoy productionVG$6
PRESIDENTS: It's All Over Now + Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven - US (Sussex 217) 1971 -- original US pressingEX+$37
PRESIDENTS: Triangle Of Love + Sweet Magic - US (Sussex 212) 1971 -- original US pressing; record VG+ to EX; Van McCoy productionEX-$27
PRESLEY, ELVIS: All Shook Up PS only - US (RCA 6870) 1957 -- original US Picture Sleeve for All Shook Up and That's When Your Heartaches Begin; NO 45!; VG to VG+ sleeve shows slight ring and some wrinkling and some wear at seams but no splits; close to VG+VG(+)/No 45! - Pic Sleeve Only!$40
PRESLEY, ELVIS: Teddy Bear PS only - US (RCA 7000) 1957 -- original US Picture Sleeve for Teddy Bear and Loving You; sleeve has a few small marks and rubs and some wear to seams but no splits; very presentable sleeveVG+/No 45! - Pic Sleeve Only!$60
PRESTON, JOHNNY: Running Bear + My Heart Knows - US (Mercury 71474) 1959 Mono -- original US pressing with black label; record VG to VG+VG(+)$10
PRICE, LLOYD: Question + If I Look A Little Blue - US (ABC-Paramount 10123) 1960 -- original US pressing; record nice VG+VG+$10
PRICE, LLOYD: They Get Down + Trying To Slip (Away) - US (GSF 6904) 1973 -- original US pressing; funk; small writing b-side label; record EX/EX+EX$16
PRINCE: Soft And Wet mono + stereo - US (Warner 8619) 1978 Mono -- original US Promo Label pressing; same song (3:01) in mono and stereo versionsM-$55
PRINCE BUSTER: Ten Commandments + Don't Make Me To Cry - US (Philips 40427) 1967 -- original US pressing; small drillhole in labelVG+$14
PRODIGALS: Marsha + Judy - US (Collectables 1458) Mono -- RnB oldies reissueM-$8
PULSE: Don't Stop The Magic DJ + same - US (Silver Cloud 5) 1981 Stereo -- original US White Label Promo 45rpm pressing; same song both sides (label sez 'side a' and 'side aa'); modern disco soul funk; tougher to find 7-inch single compared to the 12-inchM-$40
PURDIE, BERNARD 'PRETTY': Fickle Finger Of Fate + Genuine John - US (Columbia 44829) 1968 -- original US White Label Promo pressing; tiny-sticker on label; record VG to VG+VG(+)$26
PURDIE, PRETTY - THE PLAYBOYS: Don't Go + Song For Aretha - US (Flying Dutchman 26021) -- original US pressing; Bernard 'Pretty' PurdieEX+$24
PURE SATISFACTION: Now You See 'Em Now You Don't Pt 1 & 2 - US (U Von 100) 1970s -- original US pressing; obscure 70s funky Don Covay tune featuring Marvin Germany; record slight EX to mostly M-EX+$65
PURIFY, JAMES & BOBBY: I Was Born To Lose Out + I Can Remember - US (Bell 721) 1968 -- original US pressing; tiny drillhole in label; record VG+ to VG++VG+$10
PURPLE IMAGE: Why + (Marching To...) A Different Drummer - US (De-Lite 26-0) 1970 -- original US pressing; small writing on label b-sideEX+$22
PYEWACKETT: Turn On To Life DJ mono + stereo - US (Bell 445) 1973 Stereo -- original US White Label Promo pressing; Persh and Folcik had been in Detroit's Sunliners; Persh went on to join Rare Earth; same song in stereo and mono versions; stereo side VG to VG+; mono side VGVG(+)$15

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