Grading & Abbreviations for Records


SEALED = 'SS' / Still Sealed; unopened; guaranteed for Cover/Sleeve Only! (mostly an LP grade)
M = Mint; like new; open but unplayed record (I almost never use this grade)
M- = Mint Minus (or 'Near Mint' / NM); almost like new (but NOT flawless, not 'perfect'); only 1 or 2 very tiny smudges and only a very rare tic or pop; my highest grade for used records
EX+ = one or two LITE marks more than a M- LP
EX = Excellent (= 'VG++'): has some marks or scratches but few and just lite; an occasional tick or pop; very occasional slight background noise; Cover will still be quite nice but may have a hint of any or all of the following: ringwear, rubs, marks, corner bumps, or edgewear; highest grade I use for Covers/Sleeves
VG+ = 'used but not abused' (Very Good Plus): more lite marks & a few lighter and/or smaller scratches; some noise but still mostly just background: the music still predominates
VG = Very Good; much-played used record; will have scratches: mostly lite but a couple could be deeper; noise increases and in a few spots might be equal to the music
G = Good; very used: probably still playable but; will have more scratches than VG and some deep scratches and will play with noise most or all of the time; probably won't skip or sticker but not guaranteed against skips or sticks -- sold 'As Is'
FAIR or POOR (F or P) = rarely used grades; record will be unplayable with excessive noise, deep scratches, skips, sticks, etc.; for filler only and/or for cover or sleeve only; sold 'As Is'


4" = 4-inch; as in '3" tos' or '5" sm-splt'
As Is = Sale is Final: No returns, no refunds, no exchanges
cb = Corner(s) Bent or 'Bumped' on cover or sleeve
cc = Cut Corner
coh = Cutout Hole
crk = cracked; crack in record: play-grade will be noted
DJ = Disc Jockey copy; aka 'dj' or 'promo'
obc / ofc = On: Back Cover / Front Cover
ol = On Label
Promo = promotional record that originally was sent to radio stations; usually BUT NOT ALWAYS denotes actual promo label on record; sometimes just stamped onto cover or label
rw = Ring Wear on LP cover
scr = Scratch (e.g., scr-ofc)
slt = Slight / Slightly; less than 2" square
sm = Seam
splt = Split; usually 'sm-splt'
stkr = Sticker
stmp = Stamp
stn = Stain
tiny = less than 1" square
tos = Tape On Seam
woc / wol = Writing: On Cover / On Label