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FAHEY, JOHN & HIS ORCHESTRA: Old Fashioned Love - United States (Takoma C-1043) 1975 Stereo -- US pressing; promo sticker on back coverVG+/VG++$10
FAIRWEATHER, DAVID: Royal Caledonian Pipe Band - United States (Coral CRL 57318) 196? MONO -- US mono pressing; cover has small cutout hole in corner; Scottish pipe band recorded in Australia; record slight VG++ to mostly M-; Fairweather - Pipe MajorVG+/EX+$25
FAITH, PERCY: Leaving On A Jet Plane - United States (Columbia CS 9983) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing; two-eye labelVG+/VG++$10
FANNY: Mother's Pride - United States (Reprise MS 2137) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; Rundgren produced engineered and mixed; LP includes Insert; slight ringwear on coverVG(+)/EX+$12
FANSHAWE, DAVID: African Sanctus - United Kingdom (Philips 6558 001) 1973 Stereo -- Original UK pressing with gatefold cover; cut corner; tiny removeable sticker on front cover and tiny sticker on backVG+/EX$10
FANTASIA: Sweet Sweet City Rhythm - United States (Amazon 400) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; disco dance LP featuring Peggy Santiglia; cover in shrink wrap; Amazon Records distributed by TKVG+/M-$8
FARAGHER BROTHERS: Open Your Eyes - United States (Polydor PD-1-6167) Stereo -- US pressing; cover has slight coner bump and dj gold emboss on backVG-/VG++$10
FARNON, DENNIS: The Enchanted Woods - United States (RCA LSP-1897) 1958 Stereo -- US RCA Living Stereo pressing; record VG+ to VG+++VG+/VG+(+)$10
FAYER PRESSMAN AND PRESSMAN: Simplified Russian Grammar - United States (Monitor MR 101) MONO -- US mono pressing; 2-LP set in gatefold cover; includes booklet and company inner sleeves; records grade EX to M-VG+/EX+$34
FELICIANO, JOSE: The Voice And Guitar Of Jose Feliciano - United States (RCA LSP-3358 RE) 1965 Stereo -- US black label Stereo Dynagroove pressing; his debut lp?VG/VG++$10
FENNELL, FREDERICK: Conducts Gershwin - United States (Mercury PPS 6006) 1960s Stereo -- Perfect Presence Sound recording; US pressing with gatefold cover; record close to M-; cover has tiny sticker on frontVG+/EX+$12
FENNELL, FREDERICK: Conducts Victor Herbert - United States (Mercury PPS 6007) 1960s Stereo -- Perfect Presence Sound recording; Original gold label pressing with gatefold cover; record mostly close to M-; cover has tiny sticker residue on frontVG+/EX+$14
FENNELL, FREDERICK & EASTMAN-ROCHESTER POPS: Pop-Overs - United States (Mercury SR 90222) 196? Stereo -- US pressing; maroon label with rare FR1/FR1 stampers; color back cover; some corner bumps and lite wear to cover; record VG+ up to M-; mostly VG++ to some betterVG+/VG++$13
FENNELL, FREDERICK: Screamers Circus Marches - United States (Mercury SR 90314) Stereo -- US pressing; stereo RFR 1VG+/vg++$
FERRER, CHUCHO & ARMENGOL: Mood Music ... In The Latin Manner - United States (RCA CSP-103) 1962 Stereo -- US stereo deep groove pressing; record VG++ to EX+VG+/VG++$8
FEVER TREE: For Sale - United States (Ampex A-10113) Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG+/M-$25
FIELDS, W.C.: Original Voice Tracks From His Greatest Movies - United States (Decca 79164) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; WITH POSTER; gatefold cover; record grades VG++ to m-VG+/EX+$9
FIFTH DIMENSION: Live!! - United States (Bell 9000) Stereo -- US pressings; 2LPs in foldout cover - in shrink wrapVG+/VG++$10
FINE ARTS QUARTET: Beethoven Quartet in B Flat - Op. 130 - United States (Concert-Disc CS-240) Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly in shrink wrapVG+/VG++$12
FIRESIGN THEATRE: Dear Friends - United States (Columbia KG 31099) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; 2-LP set in gatefold cover; records grade VG++ to m-VG+/EX+$10
FIRESIGN THEATRE: Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers - United States (Columbia C 30102) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing; WITH BONUS POSTER; record grades VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$11
FIRESIGN THEATRE: I Think We're All Bozos OnThis Bus - United States (Columbia C 30737) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; record grades VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$11
FIRESIGN THEATRE: Waiting For The Electricican - United States (Columbia CS 9518) 1968 Stereo -- US pressing: 360 Sound copy; record grades VG++ to m-VG+/EX+$10
FIRST CLASS: First Class - United States (UK UKS 53109) 1974 Stereo -- US pressing; includes "BEACH BABY"; vocals by Tony Burrows who was also the voice of: WHITE PLAINS, Edison Lighthouse, the PIPKINS, and Brotherhood Of Man; songs co-written and produced by John Carter; cover has sticker on back ('all tunes ASCAP exc. Beach Baby') and cut corner; Carter co-wrote a number of classic 60s pop hits including "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat" (Herman's Hermits); "Little Bit 'O Soul" (Music Explosion); and "My World Fell Down" (Curt Boettcher and Gary Usher in SAGITTARIUS); he also was a producer in the 1970s (don't know if he's the same John Carter who did the Austin Powers film); songs include: Won't Somebody Help Me; Surfer Queen; Long Time Gone; Dreams Are Ten A PennyVG+/M-$8
FISCHER-DIESKAU, DIETRICH: Schubert Songs Of Greek Antiquity - United States (Heliodor HS 25062) Stereo -- US pressing; original was released in 1963VG(+)/VG++$15
FISK, ELIOT: Plays Guitar Fantasies - United States (Musical Heritage MHS 912510X) 1990 Stereo -- US pressing; digitalVG+/M-$15
FITZGERALD, ELLA: With Gordon Jenkins' Orchestra And Chorus - United States (Vocalion VL 73797) Stereo -- US pressing; cover in shrink wrap; electronic stereoVG+/VG++$8
FLANDERS & SWANN: At The Drop Of A Hat - United Kingdom (EMI Encore ONCR 511) 1963 Stereo -- UK pressing; reissue of 1963 LP; George Martin producedVG+/EX$14
FLATT AND SCRUGGS: Story Of Bonnie & Clyde - United States (Columbia CS 9649) Stereo -- US pressing; two-eye labelVG+/VG+(+)$10
FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Last Of The Red Hot Burritos - United States (A&M SP 4343) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing with brown/tan label and gatefold coverVG(+)/VG++$10
FLYNN & STONE: From Erin - United States (Rex LP 773) 197? Stereo -- US pressing; cover has small stain on front and small clear tape bottom seam; record has lite storage haze but plays VG+ to VG++VG(+)/VG+(+)$8
FOLKNIKS: Twelve String Guitar & Banjo - United States (Life L 1017) Stereo -- US pressing; players include: Tommy Tedesco, Joe Maphis, and Jim Helms; produced by Rod McKuenVG+/VG++$10
FORD, TENNESSEE ERNIE: Invites You To Come To The Fair - United States (Capitol T1473) Stereo -- US pressing; recorded live at the Indiana State Fair; "Along with Ernie's humorous stories, songs" include: "Back Home Again in Indiana," "Bill Bailey," "Tennessee Waltz," and "Sixteen Tons" plus seven more; cover has 2" seam split bottom and 2" seam split top; record looks nice; ; includes company inner sleeveVG/EX+$10
FORMAN, BRUCE: 20/20 - United States (Muse MR 5273) 1982 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX+$15
FOSSATI, IVANO: La Pianta Del Te - Netherlands (CBS 460664 1) 1988 Stereo -- Original Netherlands pressing; includes Custom Lyrics Inner Sleeve; very lite small marks in first song on side 2 otherwise the record grades entirely VG++ and better; tiny sticker on front cover; made in HollandVG+/VG++$10
FOUR FRESHMEN: And 5 Trombones - United States (Capitol T 683) 1955 MONO -- US mono pressing; tiny sticker on back cover; their debut longplay?; includes company inner sleeveVG+/EX$20
FOUR FRESHMEN: And 5 Trumpets - United Kingdom (Capitol T 763) 1957 MONO -- UK mono pressing; tiny sticker on back cover; includes company inner sleeveVG+/VG+(+)$10
FOUR FRESHMEN: And Five Saxes - United States (Capitol T 844) 1957 MONO -- US mono pressing; tiny sticker on back cover; includes company inner sleeveVG+/VG++$15
FOUR FRESHMEN: Voices And Brass - United States (Capitol T 1295) 1960 MONO -- US mono pressing; cover has lite seamwear: VG to mostly VG+; record VG+ to VG++VG(+)/VG+(+)$10
FOUR LADS: Breezin' Along - United States (Columbia CSRP 8035) Stereo -- US Columbia Special Archives pressingVG+/EX$10
FOUR TOPS: Nature Planned It - United States (Motown M748L) 1972 Stereo -- this looks to be the US pressing; still sealed; small sawmark in bottom right corner; sticker remnant on OUTSIDE of shrink wrapVG+/SEALED$8
FRANCESCATTI, ZINO & BRUNO WALTER: Beethoven Violin Concerto - United States (Columbia Odyssey Y 30042) 1970s Stereo -- US pressing; sealed album; with Bruno Walter and the Columbia Symphony; Odyssey Reissue of Columbia MS 6263VG+/SEALED$9
FRANCESCATTI, ZINO & CASADESUS: Franck Sonata A Major + Debussy Sonata No. 3 - United States (Columbia ML 4178) MONO -- US mono pressing; possible Warhol cover art??VG-/VG++$19
FRANCIS, CONNIE: In The Summer Of His Years - United States (MGM SE-4210) 1964 Stereo -- US pressing; cover very nice; record grades from very slight VG+ up to M-: mostly VG+++VG+/VG++$10
FRANCISCO, DON: Got To Tell Somebody - United States (Newpax NP 33071) 1979 Stereo -- US pressing has custom inner sleeveVG+/EX+$10
FRANCISCO, DON: Holiness - United States (Newpax NP 33144) 1984 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/M-$10
FRANGIPANE, RON & HIS ORCHESTRA: Rated X For Excitement - United States (Mainstream MRL-300) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover has tiny cutout hole in cornerVG+/VG++$8
FRANKL, PETER: Schumann Piano Concerto A Minor - Quad - United States (Vox Turnabout QTV-S 34559) 1974 QUAD -- US Quadraphonic pressing; pianist Peter Frankl; cover in Shrink Wrap; also performing Schumann - Konzerstuck and Concert Allegro; Bamberg SymphonyVG+/M-$15
FRASER & DEBOLT: With Pleasure - United States (Columbia KC 32130) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; includes bonus custom Insert; sticker on front and dj-timings and stamp and tiny tape on back cover; stamp on label; small splitting top seamVG-/VG++$10
FREDERICK, JEFFREY & THE CLAMTONES: Spiders In The Moonlight - United States (Rounder 3015) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; cut corner on coverVG(+)/EX$12
FRESH: Omniverse - United States (Prodigal P7-10028R1) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing of soul rock funk band musically likened to Sly & Family Stone and Rare Earth; cover in shrink wrap; Prodigal label is Motown subsidiaryVG+/M-$10
FRIEDMAN, DEAN: Dean Friedman - United States (Lifesong LS 6008) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; singer songrwiter LP in folky vein; he scored a hit with "Ariel" from this LP; album includes custom Inner Sleeve; cover in Shrink Wrap; songs include: Solitaire; Song For My Mother; I May Be Young; Woman Of Mine; Funny PapersVG+/M-$10
FRIEDMAN, DEBBIE: Sing Unto God - United States (Sound 80 321-S-80321) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; with the "Class of '72 Camerata of Highland Park Senior High" of Minneapolis, MN; record VG+ to VG++; cover has slight wear: VG+ on front and VG on back with tiny writing on back ; rare Jewish folk rock albumVG/VG+(+)$8
FRIEND & LOVER: Reach Out Of The Darkness - United States (Verve Forecast FTS 3055) 1968 Stereo -- US pressing of LP which includes "Reach Out Of The Darkness"; duo with Jim Post who wrote the songs; Joe South and Buddy Buie (Atlanta Rhythm Section) handled producton; record VG++ to M-; cover most;y still in shrink and has cutout holeVG+/EX+$10
FRIENDS: Friends - United States (Koinonia KR 3532) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing; early Christian folk album with some psychy touches; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; record VG+ to some VG+++VG(+)/VG++$24
FRISHBERG, DAVE: Volume Two - United States (Omni Sound Jazz N-1051) 1983 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/VG+(+)$9
FULLER, CURTIS: All-Star Sextets - United States (Savoy/Arista 2239) 1979 Stereo -- US pressing; nice 2-LP set which reissues his classic 1950s Savoy albums; Gatefold Cover has DJ-sticker on front and cut corner; records grade VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$10
FURAY, RICHIE: Dance A Little Light - United States (Asylum 6E-115) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; with Inner sleeve; small sawmark in coverVG(+)/VG++$10

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