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GRADING is Cover/Record and is based on the Goldmine system. All grading is done visually using a bare 150 watt light. Occasional play-grading will be noted. Here's a full explanation of my grading and abbreviations .

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KAPLAN, SOL & SOPHIA LOREN: Judith - United States (RCA LSO-1119) 1966 Stereo -- US Living Stereo pressing; cover in shrink wrap; deep groove 'Stereo' label; music from film also starring Peter Finch and Jack Hawkins; record mostly VG++ to EX+; includes RCA inner sleeveVG+/VG++$8
KARAJAN: Stravinsky - Le Sacre du Printemps - Italy (Deutsche Grammophon 2862 001) 1970s Stereo -- Italian pressing; unopenedVG+/SEALED$12
KARAJAN: Tschaikowsky Swan Lake Sleeping Beauty - Germany (Deutsche Grammophon 2530 195) Stereo -- German pressing; record grades slight VG++ up to much M-VG+/EX+$10
KARAJAN, HERBERT VON: Beethoven Symphonie 8 & 9 - Germany (Deutsche Grammophon 2707 013) Stereo -- German import pressing; still sealed although seal is cracking at the title edge; double-LPs setVG++/SEALED$20
KARAJAN, HERBERT VON: Strauss - box set - Germany (Deutsche Grammophon R 205453) Stereo -- German pressing (iirc); 3-LP box set with Booklet; 1970s pressing?VG(+)/EX$15
KARAJAN, HERBERT VON: Tchaikowsky Symphonie Nr. 4 - United States (Deutsche Grammophon 2530 883) 1977 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX+$15
KARAJAN, HERBERT VON: Tchaikowsky Symphonie Nr. 6 - Germany (Deutsche Grammophon 2530 774) 1977 Stereo -- German pressing; small stain on back coverVG(+)/EX+$17
KASHKASHIAN, KIM & ROBERT LEVIN: Elegies - United States (ECM 1316) 1986 Stereo -- US pressing; cover has tiny sawmarkVG+/EX+$14
KATAKIS, MICHAEL: A Simpler Time - United States (A&M SP-4635) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing includes custom Lyrics Inner Sleeve; cover has tiny stain on frontVG+/M-$9
KEANE, SEAN: Gusty's Frolicks - Ireland (Claddagh CC 17) 1975 Stereo -- Original Irish pressing; fiddler for The Chieftains; great album; record VG++ to mostly M-; laminated coverVG+/EX+$12
KEITH: Adventures Of Keith - United States (RCA LSP-4143) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap with small cut corner and some seamwear in one cornerVG+/EX+$12
KEITH: Out Of Crank - United States (Mercury SR 61129) 1967 Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap with small cutout holeVG+/EX+$14
KENNY, MICHAEL: Michael Kenny - United States (Tom Cat BYL 1-1437) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; Long Island, New York artist; was in the ST4; his brother was in The Phaetons; jazz; gold dj-stamp-obc; album includes lyric inner sleeve; players include Jimmy Wisner, Hugh McCrackin, David Spinoza, Stu Woods, Rick Marotta, and Ralph McDonald; cover has small stain on front + tiny staple hole in corner and tiny seamwear otherwise VG(+); record slight VG++ to mostly M-VG-/EX+$9
KENTON, STAN: Adventures In Jazz - United States (Capitol ST 1796) 1962 Stereo -- US pressing; Capitol logo top; record grades VG++ to M-; includes Capitol inner sleeveVG+/EX+$10
KENTON, STAN: Contemporary Concepts - United States (Capitol T 666) 1955 MONO -- US mono pressing; tiny sticker on back cover; turquoise labelVG(+)/M-$15
KENTON, STAN: Kenton Classics - United States (Capitol T 358) 195? MONO -- US mono pressing; tiny sticker on back cover; turquoise labelVG+/EX+$15
KENTON, STAN: Popular Favorites By - United States (Capitol T 421) 1955 MONO -- US mono pressing; small split top; record VG+ to mostly VG++VG/VG+(+)$8
KENTON, STAN: Portraits On Standards - United States (Capitol T-462) 195? MONO -- US mono pressing; turquoise label; tiny sticker on cover backVG+/EX+$15
KENTON, STAN: Sophisticated Approach - United States (Capitol ST 1674) 1963 Stereo -- US pressing; black label Capitol; cover has small clear tape on bottom seam; record small VG(+) to mostly VG+/EXVG+/VG+(+)$8
KENTON, STAN: The Romantic Approach - United States (Capitol T 1533) 1961 MONO -- US mono pressing with rainbow label; record slight VG+ to mostly VG++; LP includes Capitol / Kenton Alumni Inner SleeveVG+/VG+(+)$10
KESTY: Only Fools & Fiddlers - United Kingdom (Modello MHMS 159) 1979 Stereo -- Original English pressing; black label silver print; Rob Strawson and Bruce Cardwell; record grades slight VG++ to mostly M-; tiny removable sticker on front coverVG+/EX+$38
KID THOMAS: Featuring Alton Purnell - United States (Smoky Mary SM 1975 T) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG+/EX$12
KIHN, GREG & BAND: King Biscuit Flower Hour - United States (ABC Radio Network 3/27/83) 1983 Stereo -- US pressing of Promo-Only 2-LP set live (three sides of music, one blank), in plain white cover; the Greg Kihn Band; writing on the plain cover; March 27, 1983 show; one disc grades M- and the other grades VG++G/EX$27
KINDRED: Kindred - United States (Warner WS 1931) 1971 Stereo -- US White Label Promo pressing; dj-timings and writing on back cover and on label; sticker on front coverVG-/VG++$8
KING, B.B.: His Best - Electric Blues - United States (Bluesway/ABC BLS-6022) 1968 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX$17
KING, EVELYN 'CHAMPAGNE': Smooth Talk - United States (RCA APL1-2466) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; record VG+ to VG++VG+/VG+(+)$6
KING'S COLLEGE CHOIR: Christmas Eve - United States (Musical Heritage MHS 4813M) 1983 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/M-$8
KING'S COLLEGE CHOIR CAMBRIDGE: Palestrina Missa Hodie Christus Natus Est & Six Motets - France (EMI 2C 069-03272) 1978 Stereo -- Original French pressing; gatefold cover; Philip Ledger; record grades slight VG+ to mostly VG++ to EX+VG+/EX$17
KINGSLEY, GERSHON: Sabbath For Today - United States (TBA Records TRG-0613) Stereo -- "A Sabbath Service composed by Gershon Kingsley;" Temple B'Nai Abraham of Essex County, New Jersey; cover has small clear tape on bottom seam; assume this is stereo: does not sayVG+/EX+$25
KINGSMEN: Up And Away - United States (Wand WDS 675) 1966 Stereo -- US pressing; cover has cutout hole; record grades VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$10
KINGSTON TRIO: #16 - United States (Capitol ST 1871) 1963 Stereo -- US pressing; with John Stewart; includes Capitol inner sleeveVG+/VG++$9
KINGSTON TRIO: Back In Town - United States (Capitol ST 2081) 1964 Stereo -- US pressing; with John Stewart; tiny removeable sticker on front coverVG(+)/VG++$10
KINGSTON TRIO: Looking For The Sunshine - United States (Xeres S CH 1-10006) 1983 Stereo -- US pressing; one corner of cover is rough; songs include: Looking for the Sunshine, Hawaiian Nights, I Like to Hear the Rain, Big Ship Glory, The Long Black Veil, Will You Love Me If I Don't Do Coke?, Cortelia Clark, and othersG+/VG++$9
KINGSTON TRIO: String Along With - United States (Capitol T 1407) 1960 MONO -- Original 1960 US First Pressing mono; label has Capitol logo at left of label; Dave Guard; Nick Reynolds; Bob Shane; record VG++ to M-; includes Capitol inner sleeve; songs include: Bad Man's Blunder; Escape Of John Webb; Leave My Woman Alone (Ray Charles); Buddy Better Get On Down The LineVG+/EX+$8
KINKS: The Live Kinks - United States (Reprise R 6260) 1967 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG++$22
KINNIER, DON: Pipes Of Pandemonium - United States (HMR 1252) Stereo -- US pressing; private pressingVG+/EX$18
KIPNER, STEVE: Knock The Walls Down - United States (Elektra 6E-202) 1979 Stereo -- US White Label Promo pressing; custom inner sleeve; cover has sticker amd tiny stamp on front; Kipner was in TIN TIN and FRIENDS (MGM)VG/EX$8
KIRK, RAHSAAN ROLAND: Prepare Thyself To Deal With A Miracle - United States (Atlantic SD 1640) 1973 Stereo -- early US pressing; gatefold cover; PR label/EX+$20
KIRKPATRICK, RALPH: Bach Goldberg-Variationen - Germany (Archiv 198 020) 197? Stereo -- German pressing in gatefold cover; silver label; Goldberg VariationsVG+/M-$12
KIRWAN, DANNY: Danny Kirwan - United States (DJM DJLPA-9) 1976 Stereo -- US promo pressing; top seam had tape and bottom seam is tapedFair/VG+(+)$9
KLEIN, JOHN & SID RAMIN: The New Sound - United States (RCA LPM-2237) 1960 MONO -- US mono pressing; film themes; tiny sticker on back cover; includes company inner sleeveVG+/VG++$12
KLETZKI: Nielsen Symphony No. 5 - United States (London CS 6699) 1971 Stereo -- US maroon label FFRR stereo pressing; cover slight VG to mostly VG+ with cut corner and some wear at seams; record slight VG++ up to mostly ex(+) to M-VG(+)/EX$13
KNOB LICK UPPER 10,000: Introduction Of - United States (Mercury SR 60780) 1963 Stereo -- US pressing; black label; scarce and great bluegrass; record grades slight VG++ up to M-; includes company inner sleeveVG+/EX+$30
KOFFMAN, MOE: Museum Pieces - United States (Janus JXS-7037) 1978 Stereo -- US 1978 pressing; cover mostly in shrink wrapVG+/M-$10
KOGAN: Beethoven Sonata In C Minor - (Monitor MC 2011) 195? MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/EX+$18
KOGAN GILELS BARSHAI TALALIAN KNUSHEVITZKY & ROSTROPOVICH: Tchaikovsky Souvenir Of Florence + Handoshkin - United States (Monitor MC 2019) 1960s MONO -- US mono pressing; Souvenir Of Florence: Sextet For Strings; Handoshkin: Variations On A Russian Folk Theme; cover VG+/ex with small sticker on front; record slight VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$14
KOMACK, JIMMIE: Inside Me - United States (RCA LPM-1501) 1957 MONO -- US mono pressing with nice cover photo of sexy psychiatrist giving Jimmie the eye; orchestra conducted by Dennis Farnon; cover has just just some small rubs and a tiny tear at bottom: VG to VG+; seams are nice; record in nice shape: slight VG++ to much M-VG(+)/EX+$10
KONDRASHIN: Shostakovitch Symphony No. 8 - United States (Everest 3250) 1960s Stereo -- US orange label pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; record grades VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$13
KOSSOFF KIRKE TETSU RABBIT: Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit - United States (Island SMAS-9320) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; dj-cutout hole in gatefold cover; includes company inner sleeve; former members of the great UK blues rock band FREEVG+/M-$28
KRAFTWERK: Autobahn - United States (Vertigo VEL-2003) 1974 Stereo -- US pressing; Gilbert Kong master: "G.K." in matrixVG+/EX+$22
KRAFTWERK: Radio-Activity - United States (Capitol ST-11457) Stereo -- US pressing; includes custom inner sleeveVG+/VG++$15
KRUPA, GENE: His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy Eldridge - United States (Columbia KG 32663) 1974 Stereo -- US pressing; 2-LP setVG+/EX+$10
KUBELIK: Brahms Symphony No. 1 - United States (London CS 6016) 196x Stereo -- US pressing: London ffss red label; blueback cover; record grades VG+ to EX(+); matrix ZAL-3787/8-1K "Made in England"VG+/VG+(+)$12
KUBELIK: Dvorak Symphony No. 5 - United States (London CS 6020) Stereo -- US pressing; blueback stereo; includes company inner sleeveVG+/EX$35
KUJAWA, REGINA & WITH LARRY CHESKEY: Polska Wspolna Zabawa - United States (Tifton TS 81) 197? Stereo -- US pressing; most of cover still in shrink wrap although torn; record VG+ to some exVG+/VG+(+)$10
KWESKIN, JIM: And The Jug Band - United States (Vanguard VSD-2158) 1963 Stereo -- US pressingVG-/VG+(+)$8

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