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LAI, FRANCIS: The Man And His Music - United States (Sounds Superb SPR 90042) 1974 Stereo -- US pressing; includes many of his famous film themes: "A Man And A Woman," "Love Story," "La Bonne Annee," "African Summer," "Legend of Frenchie King," etc.; cover still mostly in shrink wrapVG+/EX+$9
LAISSEZ FAIRE: After The Lovin' - United States (Metropolitan MRC-04457) 1989 Stereo -- US pressing; some of cover still in shrink wrapVG+/EX$10
LAKATOS, SANDOR & GYPSY ENSEMBLE: Hungarian Czardas And Dances - United States (Apon 2745) 196? Stereo -- US pressing; recorded in Europe; record VG++ to M-; appears to be 1960s vintageVG+/EX+$12
LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & ROSS: Sing Ellington - United States (Columbia CL 1510) MONO -- US mono pressing; six-eye deep groove label; accompanied by Ike Isaacs TrioVG(+)/EX$17
LAMPE, NICHOLAS: It Happened Long Ago - United States (Cotillion SC 9038) 1970 Stereo -- US White Label Promo pressing; stickers on front; stamp on back cover; small writing on label; tiny tear on front coverVG/EX$9
LANCASTER OPERA WORKSHOP - LOW: Menotti The Medium - United States (Largo no #) 1968 Stereo -- US acetate in plain white coverVG+/VG++$25
LANE, RED: World Needs A Melody - United States (RCA LSP-4576) Stereo -- US pressing; sawmark (cutout) under shrink and tiny sticker on front (outside shrink)VG+/SEALED$8
LANGER, CLIVE & THE BOXES: Splash! - United Kingdom (F-Beat XXLP2) 1980 Stereo -- Original English pressing; cover has small cutout notch at bottom cornerVG+/M-$10
LARK IN THE MORNING: Irish Folk Music From the Countryside: various artists - United States (Tradition TLP 1004) 1960s Stereo -- US pressing; cover still mostly in shrink wrap; orange label; songs include: The Cobbler, Rockin' the Cradle, Whisky You're The Devil, Roisin Dubh, The Whistling Thief, In The Month of January, Lowlands of Holland, Barbara Ellen, Maggy Pickens, many more (22 songs in all)VG+/EX+$10
LARKIN, BILLY & THE DELEGATES: Dr. Feelgood - United States (World Pacific WPS-21874) 1968 Stereo -- US pressing; album includes World-Pacific inner sleeveVG+/M-$20
LARSON, HERB: Sax Appeal - United States (Command 943) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; Gatefold cover still in shrink wrap with tiny drillholeVG+/M-$10
LARSON, NICOLETTE: All Dressed Up & No Place To Go - United States (Warner BSK 3678) 1982 Stereo -- US pressing with custom Inner Sleeve; produced by Andrew Gold; cover has gold dj stamp and tiny removeable sticker on frontVG+/M-$9
LAST, JAMES: Big Beat Folk Songs Of Old Germany - United States (Warner WS 1735) 1968 Stereo -- Original Green Label W7 pressingVG+/EX+$10
LAST, JAMES: M.O.R. - United States (Polydor PD 5538) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; includes Killing Me Softly; cover VG to VG+ with small sticker on front and two small stickers on back; record VG++ to M-VG(+)/EX+$8
LAST, JAMES: The Love Album - United States (Polydor PD 5506) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; includes Theme From Love Story; cover VG to VG+ with two small stickes on front and two small stickers on back; record VG++ to M-VG(+)/EX+$9
LAST WORDS: Last Words - United States (Atco SD 33-235) 1968 Stereo -- US pressing: purple-brown label; eclectic Sixties rock album with both some fuzz-psych and some soul touches; cover in shrink wrap with tiny drillhole; album includes original Atco inner sleeveVG+/M-$12
LATEEF, YUSEF: 1984 - United States (Impulse A-84) 1965 MONO -- Black label US mono pressing; gatefold coverVG(+)/EX$38
LAVALLE, PAUL & THE BAND OF AMERICA: March From Broadway To Hollywood - United States (MGM SE 4061) Stereo -- US pressing; "21 microphones mean the ultimate in sound!"; 21-Channel SoundVG+/EX+$10
LAWRENCE, ARNIE: You're Gonna Hear From Me - United States (Project 3 PR 5011 SD) 1966 Stereo -- US pressing with Gatefold cover; "his saxophone and strings: smokin', poppin', burnin', cookin' and somethin' else!"; produced by Enoch Light; record has one tiny VG+ spot, rest grades great VG++/EX+VG+/VG++$10
LAYTON, EDDIE: All Time 3/4 Time Hits - United States (Mercury MG 20746) MONO -- US mono pressing; includes company inner sleeveVG+/EX$9
LAYTON, EDDIE & BUDDY MORROW: Just We Two - United States (Mercury SR 60018) 1958 Stereo -- US deep groove pressing; black label silver print; record VG++ to EX+; cover has just lite wear; tiny number and tiny stain on back; album includes Mercury inner sleeveVG+/EX$8
LAYTON, EDDIE: No Blues On This Cruise - United States (Mercury MG 20308) 1957 MONO -- US mono pressing; tiny number and slight foxing on back coverVG(+)/EX$12
LAYTON, EDDIE: Organ Music For Christmas - United States (Epic LN 24118) MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG++$8
LAZARONI, BHEN: In Classic Form - United States (Dynovoice DY 31906) Stereo -- US pressing; tiny drillhole in coverVG+/M-$10
LEACE, DONAL: Donal Leace - United States (Atlantic SD 7221) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; produced by Roberta Flack and arranged by her and Leace; top-notch musicians include Keith Jarrett, David Spinozza, Ron Carter, Bill Salter, Ralph McDonald; cover in shrink wrap; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$8
LEAR FISCHER-DIESKAU KOHN ETC: Wozzeck - Germany (Deutsche Grammophon 2707 023) Stereo -- German pressing; 2-LP boxed set with 40-Page Booklet/Libretto; small writing on empty last/back page of booklet; Karl Bohm directorVG+/EX$13
LECCIA, JEAN: Interpolation - United States (MGM SE-4810) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing from 1972; with Pat Henderson and Ed Whiting lead singers; contains "Lady Rain"; cover has small cut corner and tiny stain on frontVG+/M-$10
LEE, BYRON & DRAGONAIRES: At The Towers Hall-Lake George Inn - Jamaica (Towers Hall B/LP 006) 196? Stereo -- Original Jamaican pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; record looks VG++ to M- but cheaper pressing might play more VG++??VG+/VG++$12
LEE, KATIE: Best Of Katie Lee - United States (Horizon 1604) 1962 Stereo -- US pressing; “Recorded Live at the Troubadour”; while label LP cover VG with blank back: i.e. NO slick on back; small split top and bottom seam; record slight VG+ up to EX+VG/VG++$10
LEE & MYLON LEFEVRE, ALVIN: On The Road To Freedom - United States (Columbia KC 32729) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold coverVG+/EX$8
LEFEVRES: A Man Who Is Wise - United States (Sing 3219) 1968 MONO -- US mono pressing; cover still in shrink wrapVG+/VG+(+)$10
LEFEVRES: Happiness Is Gospel - United States (Canaan CAS-9742) 1973 Stereo -- cover in Shrink Wrap; US pressing; record VG+ to VG++VG+/VG+(+)$11
LEGRAND, MICHEL: Strings On Fire - United States (Columbia CSRP 8525) Stereo -- US Columbia Special Archives pressingVG+/VG++$8
LEIBERT, DICK: Hits To Keep Forever - United States (RCA LSP-2910) 1964 Stereo -- US Living Stereo pressing; cover in shrinkVG+/VG+(+)$8
LEIBERT, DICK: Leibert Takes A Holiday - United States (Westminster WST 15034) Stereo -- US pressing; small tape on seam and small rubs on coverVG(+)/M-$15
LENNON SISTERS: Sing Twelve Great Hits - United States (Dot DLP 25292) 1960s Stereo -- US stereo pressing; cover has a few tiny stains and slight fading at edges and samll stains on backVG(+)/EX$8
LEPPARD: Lully Pieces De Symphonie - United Kingdom (L'Oiseau-Lyre SOL 301) 1968 Stereo -- English pressing; laminated cover; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$15
LEPPARD, RAYMOND & ENGLISH CHAMBER ORCH: Rameau Suite Le Temple + Gretry - United Kingdom (L'Oiseau Lyre SOL 297) 1967 Stereo -- Original UK pressingVG+/EX+$15
LES BAXTER'S BALLADEERS: America's Foremost Folk Minstrels - United States (Reprise R9 6064) 1962 Stereo -- US stereo pressing; Pop but seminal folk group whose members went on to influence folk/pop; members on this LP: Jerry Yester (MFQ, Henske & Yester); Phil Campos (The Forum), Ernie Sheldon (Gateway Singers, Limeliters); Joyce James; Terrea Lea; Paul Potash (Art & Paul, Back Porch Majority, New Christy Minstrels); Michael Kollander; Paul Hansen (Celebrate Life); David Crosby also passed through the group but is NOT on this album; record grades slight VG+ up to M-; mostly VG++/EX; cover has tiny stain on backVG+/EX$12
LES COMPAGNONS DE LA CHANSON: This Is Paris! - United States (Capitol T 10042) MONO -- US mono pressing; probably a late-1950s release; promo sticker on cover; tiny removeable sticker on front of coverVG+/VG+(+)$10
LES TROUBADOURS DU ROI BAUDOIN: Missa Luba - United States (Philips PCC 606) 196? Stereo -- US pressing; textured gatefold cover; custom booklet still attached inside cover; part of the Original small wax 'stamp' still on front cover; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$8
LEWIS, JEANNIE: Looking Backwards To Tomorrow - United States (Mainstream 417) 1975 Stereo -- US White Label Promo pressing; gatefold cover; sticker on front; tiny seam split bottomVG/EX$10
LEWIS, RAMSEY: Blues For The Night Owl - United States (Columbia PC 37019) 1981 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/VG++$8
LEWIS, RAMSEY: Don't It Feel Good - United States (Columbia PC 33800) 1975 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX$
LEWIS, RAMSEY: Goin' Latin - United States (Cadet LPS 790) 1966 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX+$12
LEWIS, RAMSEY & TRIO: Hang On Ramsey! - United States (Cadet 761) 1965 Stereo -- US pressing; includes company sleeveVG+/EX+$8
LEWIS, RAMSEY: The Piano Player - United States (Cadet LPS 836) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing; used record grades VG+ up to some VG++VG+/VG+(+)$8
LEWIS, RAMSEY: Wade In The Water - United States (Cadet 774) 1965 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX$8
LEYDEN, NORMAN: Destry Rides Again: selections - United States (RCA Camden CAS 540) 1959 Stereo -- US Living Stereo 3s/4s pressing; Louise O'Brien and Jack Haskell; orchestra under direction of LeydenVG+/M-$14
LIGHT, ENOCH: Discotheque: Dance Dance Dance - United States (Command RS 33-873) MONO -- US mono pressing with gatefold cover; tiny letter on back; includes company inner sleeveVG+/M-$10
LIGHTFOOT, GORDON: East Of Midnight - United States (Warner 1-25482) 1986 Stereo -- US pressing; album includes custom Lyrics inner sleeve; gold dj-stamp on front coverVG+/M-$10
LIGHTMAN, AARON: Aaron Lightman - United States (Poppy PYS 40,010) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing; folk rock singer songwriter from Philadelphia; musically likened to Tom Rapp, Donovan, and the Bee Gees; includes Custom Lyrics Insert; record slight VG+ and mostly better; cover has ringwear and a couple tiny tears plus dj imprint on back; Aaron was the Uncle of Toby LightmanVG/VG+(+)$30
LINCOLNS: The Lincolns - United States (Kapp Medallion MS-7536) 196? Stereo -- US stereo pressing; folk quartet whose members all attended Illinois University; cover has lite ring and lite seamwear: mostly VG+; record VG+ to EX+; album includes Kapp inner sleeveVG(+)/VG++$10
LINDA RONSTADT + DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS: Back On The Street Again - United States (Pickwick SPC-3245) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing; cover in shrink wrap with a few tiny staple holes in one corner; re-releases earlier material by both artists: other title = "The Superstar Voice of Blood Sweat And Tears: David Clayton Thomas"; LP contains five songs by each artist; songs include: CLAYTON THOMAS: Born With The Blues; Out Of The Sunshine; Send Her Home; Take Me Back; Brainwashed; LINDA RONSTADT: Back On The Street Again; Different Drum; I've Got To Know; Song About The Rain; New Hard Times; VG+/VG++$10
LITTLE, PEGGY: Little Bit Of Peggy - United States (Dot DLP 25948) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; cover in shrink wrap; has small stain on bottom back corner otherwise EX; record very slight VG+ up to EX+ (up to almost M-); includes "Son Of A Preacher Man"VG+/VG++$10
LITTLE FEAT: Down On The Farm - United States (Warner HS 3345) 1979 Stereo -- US pressing; with custom Inner SleeveVG(+)/VG++$9
LITTLE JOE & LA FAMILIA: Nosotros - United States (BSR LP 1047) 1974 Stereo -- US pressing; as La Familia De Little Joe; cover has cutout hole in corner and lite wear and rubs esp. on back; BSR = Buena Suerta Records; record slight VG+ to mostly close to M-VG+/VG++$15
LIVIN' JOY: Dreamer 95 - Italy (Zac 002-95) 1995 Stereo -- Original Italian pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; two recordsVG+/EX$10
LOMBARD, CLAUDE: Claude Lombard - France (Barclay 90.182) Stereo -- Original French pressing; tiny sticker on front coverVG(+)/VG++$10
LONDON, LEW: Swingtime In Springtime - United States (Philo 1032) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; still sealed / unopenedVG++/SEALED$10
LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: Vaughan Williams London Symphony - United States (Musical Heritage MHS 4659) 1982 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/M-$15
LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: Classic Case - Plays Jethro Tull - United States (RCA XRL1-7067) 1985 Stereo -- US pressing; tiny sawmark and slight ring on cover; tiny removeable sticker on front coverVG(+)/VG++$13
LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: Orchestral Works - United States (Musical Heritage MHS 827052Z) 1984 Stereo -- US pressing; 2-LP setVG+/EX+$15
LONDON VIVALDI ORCHESTRA: Four Violin Concerti - United States (Musical Heritage MHS 7104X) 1985 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/M-$12
LONGET, CLAUDINE: Run Wild Run Free - United States (A&M SP 4232) 1970 Stereo -- US PROMO pressing; includes company inner sleeveVG+/EX$15
LONGINES SYMPHONETTE SOCIETY: Melodies From Far Away Places - United States (Longines Symphonette Society SY-5135) Stereo -- US pressing; 2LP set in gatefold coverVG+/EX$10
LOOSE CHANGE: Loose Change - United States (Casablanca NBLP 7189) 1979 Stereo -- US pressing; cut cornerVG+/VG++$10
LOPEZ, TRINI: Bye Bye Love - United States (Harmony H 30012) Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; probably a 70s re-press; price sticker on back coverVG+/EX$9
LOPEZ, VINCENT: Lopez Playing - United States (Columbia CSRP 8229) Stereo -- US Columbia Special Archives pressingVG+/EX$10
LOPEZ, VINCENT: Nola & Other Piano Instrumentals - United States (Carlton STLP 12/302) 1959 Stereo -- US stereo pressingVG+/VG++$10
LOS ADMIRADORES: Bongos/Flutes/Guitars - United States (Command RS 312) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; tiny drillhole in bottom corner of coverVG+/EX$10
LOS MACHUCAMBOS: Caramba! - United States (Phase 4 SP 44084) 1966 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover; dj sticker on front of coverVG+/EX$10
LOS PACIFICOS: Los Pacificos - United States (Son-Art 675) 1975 Stereo -- US pressing; Son-Art = Southeastern Records of Opa-Locka, Florida; cover mostly in shrink wrap: gives release date of 1975 but label says 1974; record slight VG+ to mostly VG++/EX+VG+/EX$8
LOS VIOLINES DE VILLA FONTANA: 5 Años De Exito - Mexico (RCA MKS-1274) 1960s Stereo -- Mexican pressing / RCA Living Stereo; cover mostly still in Shrink Wrap; piano and arrangements by Roberto Perez Vazquez and Jorge Ortega, with the violins of the the Villa Fontana RestaurantVG+/M-$10
LOVE GENERATION: Love Generation - Featuring Groovy Summertime - United States (Imperial LP-12351) 1967 Stereo -- US pressing; includes "Groovy Summertime"; cover in Shrink Wrap with small tear in shrink; cover appears to be unmarked; vinyl has one very-tiny VG++ spot at end Side 1, otherwise entirely M-; good popsike soft rock in FREE DESIGN groove; includes company sleeveVG++/EX+$14
LOVE UNLIMITED: Under The Influence Of - United States (20th Century T-414) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; record VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$8
LOVICH, LENE: Lucky Number + New Toy - United States (CBS/JDC P 20135) 1987 Stereo -- US pressing; single; Still Sealed; Cut CornerVG+/SEALED$11
LOVIN' SPOONFUL: You're A Big Boy Now - United States (Kama Sutra KLPS-8058 ST) 1967 Stereo -- US pressing; cutout hole in corner of coverVG(+)/EX+$10
LTD: Togetherness - United States (A&M SP-4705) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; still sealed / unopenedVG++/SEALED$10
LUBOFF, NORMAN: This Is Norman Luboff! - United States (RCA LSP-2342) 1961 Stereo -- US Living Stereo Black Label pressing; 'The Greatest Choir Ever!'; record visually has some lite marks: should play from slight VG up to VG++VG+/VG+(+)$8
LUISI, TONY & GENE DELUCA KATHY RICHARDS: Discover Each Other - United States (Love 1000) 197? MONO -- US mono pressing; cover in shrink wrap; "An Album of Love Songs With Synthesized Music"; synth by Tony Luisi the man behind the 'Electric Tommy' album; I'm estimating a 1970s release date; record slight VG++ to mostly M-; record MIGHT have labels reversed? (haven't tested)VG+/EX+$40
LUNCEFORD, JIMMIE: Lunceford Special - United States (Columbia CS 9515) MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/EX+$8
LYMAN FAMILY: American Avatar - United States (Reprise RS 6353) 1969 Stereo -- US White Label Promo pressing; gatefold cover; rare psychy bluesy folk with Mel Lyman of Boston and Lisa Kindred, Jim Kweskin, Geoff Muldaur, and Bruce Langhorne; cover has some wear mostly lite with tiny stain on front some ring and lite seamwear; record very slight VG+ up to mostly VG+++ and some M-VG(+)/EX+$35
LYNNE, GLORIA: Love And A Woman - United States (Fontana SRF 67546) Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX+$8
LYON, KEN: In Concert - United States (Decca DL 75197) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover has lite wear and tiny cutout hole in corner; record VG+ to EX+; album inlcudes Decca inner sleeveVG+/EX$12

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