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SABICAS AND ESCUDERO: Fantastic Guitars Of Sabicas And Escudero - United States (Decca DL 8795) 1961 MONO -- US mono pressing; 'Flamenco In Hi-Fi'; rainbow label early-60s pressing; Mario Escudero; most of record close to exVG-/VG+(+)$12
SADDHU BRAND: Whole Earth Rhythm - United States (UNI 73116) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; much of cover is still in shrink wrap; Original textured cover has tiny DJ-sticker on back; record grades VG+ to EX+: average of VG++VG+/VG++$40
SAME PEOPLE: Horizons - United States (TSP 001) Stereo -- Original US private pressing; Pennsylvania folk trio; cover has lite wear and some ring: VG/VG+; record grades VG++ to M-VG(+)/EX$25
SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS: Hungry For Love - United States (Gordy GS 923) 1967 Stereo -- US pressing; cover in shrink wrap with very tiny notch; record VG++ to M-; 'target/arrow' labelVG+/EX+$23
SANDS, TOMMY: Sands At The Sands - United States (Capitol ST 1364) 1960 Stereo -- US Stereo pressing; includes Capitol inner sleeveVG+/VG++$20
SANG, RAMAYAN SEWAK: Vol. 1 - United States (private 001) Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG+/EX+$60
SANTA CECILIA ORCHESTRA: Cherubini Requiem - United States (Angel 35042) MONO -- US mono pressing; with InsertVG+/EX$14
SANTA FE: The Good Earth - United States (RTV 301) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing of excellent and fairly rare rural hippie country rock LP; record is White Label Promo pressing; RTV is same label which released the MU album; cover has small cutout hole and bumps and lite seamwear; record looks almost like newVG+/M-$60
SANTANA: Amigos - United States (Columbia PC 33576) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; DJ-Stamp on back of gatefold cover; custom inner sleeveVG+/EX$7
SARGENT: Shostakovich Symphony # 9 - United States (Everest SDBR 3054) Stereo -- US pressing; record slight VG+ to mostly exVG+/VG++$12
SATTERFIELD, ESTHER: Need To Be - United States (A&M SP-3411) 1976 Stereo -- US pressingVG(+)/VG++$10
SAUTER-FINEGAN: Under Analysis - United States (RCA LPM-1341) 1957 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/EX+$15
SAUTER-FINEGAN ORCHESTRA: The Sound Of - United States (RCA LPM-1009) 1954 MONO -- US mono pressing; black label with silver printVG/VG++$10
SAYAO, BIDU: Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 / Villa-Lobos - United States (Columbia Odyssey 32 16 0377) 1964 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/EX+$12
SCARLATTI ORCHESTRA: Ciamarosa + Tartini + Lully - United States (Angel 35255) MONO -- US mono pressing; with dowel on inner; small mark on coverVG+/EX$13
SCHEER, ROBERT & BOB THIELE + ROSKO: A Night At Santa Rita - United States (Flying Dutchman FDS 111) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover in shrink wrap; I bought still sealed and opened only to confirm label and pressing; record unplayed; writing by Robert Scheer; narration by Rosko and music by Ron Carter; Bob Thiele produced; commentary by Nat HentoffVG+/M-$12
SCHNABEL, ARTUR: Beethoven Concerto No. 4 - United States (RCA VIC-1505) 1955 MONO -- pink label US mono pressing; cover says 'First LP Release'; Chicago Symphony under Frederick Stock; record mostly M-VG+/EX+$16
SCHNABEL, ARTUR: Beethoven Emperor Concerto - United States (RCA VIC-1511) 1970 MONO -- pink label US mono pressing; Originally recorded 1942; Chicago Symphony under Frederick Stock; record mostly M-; cover has tiny clear tape top seamVG+/EX+$15
SCHOENBACH, SOL & WILLIAM HARRISON: Solos For The Bassoon Player - United States (MMO 144) Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; includes instruction booklet; tiny sticker on back; William Harrison pianistVG++/EX+$17
SCHOLA NOVA: Christmas Album - United States (Airwaves PR 1002) 1982 Stereo -- US pressing; record VG+ to VG++VG(+)/VG+(+)$10
SCHORY, DICK & PERCUSSION POPS ORCHESTRA: Politely Percussive - United States (RCA LPM-2738) 1963 MONO -- US mono pressing; includes company inner sleeveVG+/EX$13
SCHWARTZ, MAURICE: Maurice Schwartz - United States (Banner BAS-1008) 1970s Stereo -- US pressing; cover in shrink wrap; I bought still sealed and opened only to confirm label and pressing; record unplayed but has surface storage smudges: very slight VG+ up to M-; cover has tiny sawmark in upper corner; looks like about an early-1970s releaseVG+/EX+$8
SCHWARTZ, STEPHEN MICHAEL: Stephen Michael Schwartz - Quad - United States (RCA APD1-0604) 1974 QUAD -- US Quadraphonic pressing; cover in shrink wrap with small sawmark in bottom of cover; singer songwriter; I bought LP still sealed and opened only to confirm label and pressing; record VG++ to mostly M-; songs include: Easily, Rock Me Away, Love Me Busybody, Finest Thoughts, Long Tail Cat, Doctor's Daughter, You Say It's Me (I Think Maybe It's You), Get It Up For Love, Musical Storm, I Believe I'm Gonna See You AgainVG+/EX+$17
SCHWARZ, GERARD: Classic Trumpet Concerti Of Haydn/Hummel - United States (DMS / Delos DMS 3001) 1979 Stereo -- US Digital pressing; gatefold cover; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$17
SCIVITTARO, MARIA & ROBERT VEYRON-LACROIX: Beethoven Mandolin Music - United States (Nonesuch H-71227) Stereo -- US pressingVG+/VG++$12
SCOTT, BOBBY: The Compleat Musician - United States (Atlantic 1341) 1960 Stereo -- US Living Stereo pressing; deep groove blue+green label; album includes company inner sleeveVG+/EX$25
SCOTT, RAYMOND & HIS ORCHESTRA: On The Swinging Side - United States (Sounds Of Swing LP-107) MONO -- US pressing on red vinylVG+/EX$10
SCOTT, RAYMOND & HIS ORCHESTRA: Uncollected 1940 - United States (Hindsight HSR-201) 1984 MONO -- US mono pressing; vocals by Nan WynnVG+/VG++$14
SEALS & CROFTS: Longest Road - United States (Warner BSK 3365) 1980 Stereo -- US pressing; still sealed; sawmark in coverVG+/SEALED$9
SEATRAIN: Sea Train - United States (Capitol SMAS 659) Stereo -- US pressing; textured gatefold cover and green label; George Martin produced; Sterling stamped in matrix; some members x-Blues ProjectVG+/EX$14
SEEGER, PETE: Greatest Hits - United States (Columbia CS 9416) Stereo -- US pressing; much of cover in shrinkVG+/VG++$10
SEEKERS: Georgy Girl - United States (Capitol ST 2431) 1966 Stereo -- US pressing; much of cover is still in shrink wrapVG+/VG+(+)$10
SEGOVIA: Music For The Guitar - United States (Decca DL 710046) Stereo -- US pressingVG(+)/VG++$15
SEGOVIA, ANDRES: Bach Chaconne - United States (MGM E123) MONO -- US mono pressing of 10-inch LP; small name on back cover; deep groove yellow labelVG+/VG++$24
SERENDIPITY SINGERS: Many Sides Of The Serendipity Singers - United States (Philips PHS 200-134) 1964 MONO -- US mono deep groove pressing of their second album; cover in shrink wrap; record slight VG+ up to EX+; includes Philips inner sleeveVG+/VG++$10
SERKIN: Beethoven 'Emperor' Concerto - United States (Columbia MS 6366) Stereo -- US pressingVG+/VG++$15
SERKIN, RUDOLF: Schubert Trout Quintet - Music From Marlboro - United States (Columbia MS 7067) 1967 Stereo -- US pressing: gray Masterworks label and group photo on cover; James Laredo, Leslie Parnas, Philipp Naegele, and Julius Levine; Marlboro Music FestivalVG+/EX+$12
SEVERINSEN, DOC: Fever! - QUAD - United States (Command CQD 40003) 1971 QUAD -- US QUAD pressing; stereo press was released in 1966: I'm guessing ca. 1974 for quad; gatefold cover VG+/VG++; record VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$8
SHA NA NA: Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay - United States (Kama Sutra KSBS 2010) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing with gatefold cover; still has 'newspaper' foldout attached on inside of cover; produced by Artie Ripp; record grades VG+ to EX; their debut?VG+/VG+(+)$10
SHADOWFAX: The Dreams Of Children - United States (Windham Hill WH-1038) 1984 Stereo -- US pressing; good new age rock with electronics fusion influences; includes Windham Hill inner sleeveVG+/M-$10
SHANK, BUD: Girl In Love - United States (World Pacific WP-1853) 1966 MONO -- US mono pressing; includes company inner sleeveVG+/VG++$10
SHANK, BUD: I Hear Music - United States (Sunset SUS-5132) 1966 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX$8
SHARAN HARI OM AND NANDINI: Gun-Gaan - India (Super Cassette SNLP 5015) 1985 Stereo -- Indian pressingVG+/M-$70
SHARON, RALPH: Modern Innovations On Country And Western Themes - United States (Gordy 903) 1963 MONO -- US deep groove mono pressing with record in VERY nice shape: mostly M-; cover has tiny drillhole and slight ring; liner notes by Tony Bennett; NOT soul music but jazzy covers of C&W songs: unusual and scarce album to be released by MotownVG+/EX+$20
SHAW, ROLAND & AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Westward Ho! - United States (Phase 4 SP 44045) 1964 Stereo -- US London Phase 4 Stereo pressing; gatefold cover; album produced by Tony D'AmatoVG+/EX$9
SHELTON, LOUIE: Touch Me - United States (Warner WS 1793) Stereo -- US pressing; cover has tiny sticker on seam and tiny rivet; includes company inner sleeveVG+/M-$18
SHERBET: Howzat! - United States (MCA MCA-2226) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; band later became The SHERBS; the band recorded in Australia where they had nine straight gold records; cut cornerVG+/SEALED$10
SHERRILL, JOYA: Sugar & Spice - United States (Columbia CL 1378) 1962 MONO -- US mono pressing; back cover stamped demo; six-eye label; small demo sticker on labelVG(+)/EX$16
SHERWOOD, BOBBY & HIS ORCHESTRA: Victory Parade January 2-18 1945 - United States (Aircheck 3) 1974 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/EX$10
SHIRLEY, DON: Plays Show Tunes - United States (Cadence CLP 3036) 1960 MONO -- US mono pressing; tape on parts of seams; includes company sleeveG+/VG+(+)$8
SHORE, DINAH & LENA HORNE ETC: NBC's Chamber Music Society Of Lower Basin Street - United States (RCA Camden CAL-802) 1964 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG++$10
SHORE, DINAH & BUDDY CLARK: 'S Wonderful - United States (Columbia CL 6015) MONO -- US mono pressing; 12-inch reissue of 10-inch LP; two tiny bubbles in pressingVG+/VG+(+)$9
SHORROCK, GLENN & ETC: Beginnings [Before: Little River Band] - United States (Capitol SN-11983) 1978 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/SEALED$
SIEGEL-SCHWALL BAND: Best Of - United States (Vanguard VSD 79336) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; tiny sticker in corner of cover and splitting bottom seamVG/EX+$12
SIEGMEISTER, ELIE & NARR: Invitation To Music - United States (Folkways FT 3603) Stereo -- US pressing; includes booklet; small cutout hole in coverVG+/M-$12
SILVER, HORACE: Doin' The Thing - United States (Blue Note 4076) 1963 MONO -- US mono pressing; includes Blue Note company inner sleeve; with NYC address on labelVG+/VG+(+)$45
SIMON, CARLY & MAKEBA + TARRIERS ETC: Midnight Hoot - United States (Kapp KS-3357) 196? Stereo -- US pressing of 1960s folk various artist compilation LP featuring performances by Terry Gilkyson, The SIMON SISTERS, Jo Mapes, Alan Lomax, Miriam Makeba, Billy Edd Wheeler, Joan Toliver, and The TARRIERS; scarcer Stereo version; cover says "Introducing The Simon Sisters" (early CARLY SIMON); record has one lite mark: slight VG+/VG++ to mostly M-; cover has lite seamwear on bottom but mostly VG++VG+/EX+$10
SIMON & GARFUNKEL: Bookends - United States (Columbia KCS 9529) 1968 Stereo -- US pressing: early label: two-eye 360 Sound; matrix numbers 1E stamped and 1H handwritten; cover has small bumped corners; record nice: very slight VG+ up to VG+++VG+/VG++$10
SIMS, LYN: Bucks County Ballads: These Gentle Valleys - United States (Bucks County Conservancy 3417) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing: local PA; includes Insert; cover has some ringwearVG(+)/EX+$15
SINATRA, FRANK: In Hollywood 1943-1949 - United States (Columbia CL 2913) 1968 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/EX$12
SINATRA, FRANK: In The Beginning 1943 To 1951 - United States (Columbia PG 31358) Stereo -- US pressing; 2-LP set; electronic stereo of originally mono songsVG+/EX+$10
SINATRA, FRANK: Some Nice Things I've Missed - United States (Reprise F 2195) 1974 Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap with tiny writing on back; ; includes Reprise inner sleeveVG+/EX$10
SINATRA, FRANK: Songs For Swingin' Lovers! - United States (Capitol W 653) MONO -- US mono pressing; black label; orchestra by Nelson RiddleVG+/VG+(+)$12
SLATKIN, FELIX: Fantastic Percussion - United States (Liberty LST 7150) Stereo -- US pressing; dj stamp on back coverVG+/EX$10
SLENCZYNSKA, RUTH: Encore! - United States (Decca DL 9991) MONO -- US mono pressing; deep groove gold label; cover has just the smallest of blemishes: tiny stain on title seam and tiny writing on back in corner and tiny seamwear and two tiny original price stickers (Sam Goody) on back in bottom corner; record tiny VG+ up to M-; mostly EXVG+/EX$14
SLOAN: First Book Of Sloan: Chapter Eight Verses Four Through Seventeen - United States (Audio 7 : 7171 AB) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing on obscure (private?) label; loner type folk singer songwriter LP; music described as 'dark' with good guitar; produced by Ray McGinley; cover in Shrink Wrap; record has lite storage 'haze' but plays VG++ to M-: boughtstill sealed and opened by me only for inspectionVG+/EX+$50
SMECK, ROY: Stringing Along - United States (ABC-Paramount ABC-412) 1962 MONO -- US mono pressing from 1962, Roy plays a variety of all ELECTRIC string instruments: banjo, ukelele, Hawaiian steel guitar, and Spanish guitar; produced by Sid FellerVG+/VG++$10
SMITH, KATE: Songs Of The NOW Generation - United States (RCA LSP-4105) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing: deep groove orange label (1s/1s); heavy record; cover has cutout hole; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$10
SMITH, KEELY: Swingin' Pretty - United States (Capitol T 1145) 1959 MONO -- US mono pressing logo left; with Nelson Riddle orchestra; record grades VG+ to VG++VG+/VG+(+)$8
SMITH, WINIFRED: Ethnic Folk Songs From The South - United States (Tennessee Squire Assoc 63OD-2211) MONO -- US red label pressing; no insertVG+/EX$10
SMOOTHIES: Easy Does It - United States (Bluebird AXM2-5524) 1975 MONO -- US mono pressing; 2 LPs in gatefold coverVG+/VG++$14
SNOW, MICHAEL: Music For Piano, Whistling Microphone And Tape Recorder - United States (Chatham Square 1009/10) 1975 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover; 2-LP set; cover has small splits top and bottom seams; according to AMG: "Canadian pianist/composer/visual artist ... records sparsely ... first recorded in 1948"; this two-LP set was released around 1975VG(+)/EX+$120
SNYDER, BILL: Magic Touch - United States (Decca DL 8958) MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG+(+)$10
SOCIETA CAMERISTICA DI LUGANO: Rossini Sins Of My Old Age - United States (Nonesuch H-1089) MONO -- US mono pressing; one small corner bumpVG+/EX+$14
SOLMS, KENNY & GAIL PARENT: Our Wedding Album Or The Great Society Affair - United States (Jamie JLPM 3028) 1960s MONO -- US mono pressing; cover in shrink wrap with Original price sticker on front (outside of shrink wrap); other cast: Fannie Flagg, Robert Klein, Jo Ann Worley; record tiny ex(-) up to M-VG+/VG++$10
SOLTI: Beethoven Symphony No. 5 - United States (London CS 6092) 196? Stereo -- US pressing; record very slight VG+ up to mostly VG+++; cover: white backVG+/VG++$12
SOMEONE LIKE YOU: Nefesh - United States (private CB 1003) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; privateVG+/EX+$14
SONIC ARTS: Woofers Tweeters And All That Jazz - United States (Sonic Arts 7) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; Direkt To Disk records; Laboratory Series Number 7 / Binaural (Distributed by Audio Technica); gatefold cover; still sealed!; a few small tears in shrink wrap but Unopened copy; VG+/SEALED$10
SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Tumbleweed Trail - United States (RCA LSP-2456) 1962 Stereo -- US stereo pressing; deep groove Living Stereo label (2s/2s); cover has some seamwear; record VG+ to VG++VG(+)/VG+(+)$10
SOPWITH CAMEL: Sopwith Camel In Hello Hello - United States (Kama Sutra KSBS 2063) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; cutout hole in cover; originally released as Kama Sutra 8060 = 1973 reissue of their first LPVG+/VG+(+)$8
SORRELS, ROSALIE: Always A Lady - United States (Philo PH 1029) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; album includes custom Insert; sticker on front; spitting of edge/title seam; liner notes by Malvina ReynoldsVG-/EX$10
SOUNDS FOR LOVE: The Storm And The Sea - Quad - United States (Sound Bird SB4-4551) 1975 QUAD -- US Quadraphonic pressing: "A Mobile Fidelity Production"; Side 1 = The Storm; Side 2 = The Sea; record grades VG+ to EX+VG+/VG++$13
SOUNDTRACK: Africa - United States (MGM SE-4462) 1967 Stereo -- US pressing; includes custom Insert; music composed and conducted by Alex North; cover mostly VG++ with just lite wear; record VG++ to M-; album also includes Original MGM inner sleeveVG+/EX+$12
SOUNDTRACK: Alamo - United States (Columbia CL 1558) 1960 MONO -- US mono pressing; record grades VG+ to VG++VG(+)/VG+(+)$10
SOUNDTRACK: Carousel: TV soundtrack - United States (Columbia Special Products CSM 479) 1969 MONO -- US mono pressing of Limited Edition television soundtrack LP: not avaliable in record stores; 'proudly presented by Armstrong: Floors, Celings, and Floor Care Products'; also starring Pernell Roberts and Marlyn Mason; record VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$10
SOUNDTRACK: Country - United States (Windham Hill WH-1039) 1984 Stereo -- US pressing; music by Charles Gross; produced by William Ackerman; performances by George Winston, Darol Anger, Mark Isham, Mike Marshall; record has just a few very lite scuffs: should play VG+ to exVG+/EX$8
SOUNDTRACK: Damn Yankees - United States (RCA LOC-1047) 1958 MONO -- US deep groove mono pressing; film version of hit stage show; also with Gwen Verdon and Ray Walston; directed by Stanley DonenVG+/VG+(+)$7
SOUNDTRACK: Darling Lili - United States (RCA LPSX-1000) 1969 Stereo -- music from the film score by Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer; US pressing; Gatefold Cover is still in Shrink Wrap; record VG++ to M-VG++/EX$10
SOUNDTRACK: Faces - United States (Columbia OS 3290) Stereo -- US mono pressing; John Cassavetes directed film; smells a little musty but cover (and presumably the record play) appears to be unaffectedVG+/SEALED$20
SOUNDTRACK: Garden Of The Finzi-Continis - United States (RCA LSP-4712) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG+/M-$8
SOUNDTRACK: Hang 'Em High - United States (United Artists UAS 5179) 1968 Stereo -- Dominic Frontiere's music for film starring Clint Eastwood; US pressing: orange-red label; cover has hint of ring and corner bump; record VG++ and some better; album includes UA inner sleeveVG+/VG++$8
SOUNDTRACK: High Time - United States (RCA LSP-2314) 1960 Stereo -- US 1960 RCA Living Stereo pressing of scarcer soundtrack LP by Mancini; record itself in excellent shape but cover has 3-inch split top seam and tiny sticker on front; great Mancini score; film stars Bing Crosby; Fabian; Tuesday Weld; Gavin MacLeodVG(+)/EX+$10
SOUNDTRACK: How The West Was Won - United States (MGM 1SE5) 1963 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover; includes performance by The Whisky Hill SingersVG+/VG+(+)$8
SOUNDTRACK: In Harm's Way - United States (RCA LSO-1100) 1965 Stereo -- US stereo pressing; deep groove RCA Stereo label; cover VG(+) to VG++ record VG+ to VG++; album includes RCA inner sleeve; soundtrack to Otto Preminger film starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglass, Patricia Neal, Henry Fonda, etcVG+/VG+(+)$10
SOUNDTRACK: John And Mary - United States (A&M SP 4230) Stereo -- US pressing; shrink wrap has tears but mostly still sealed / unopenedVG+/SEALED$10
SOUNDTRACK: Judgment At Nuremberg - United States (United Artists UAL 4095) 1961 MONO -- US mono pressing; music and dramatic highlights from classic film starring Burt Lancaster, Spencer Tracy, Marlene Dietrich, Montgomery Clift, Judy Garland, etc.; a few very very lite marks: most of record closer to exVG+/EX+$12
SOUNDTRACK: Kanya Daan - India (Odeon/EMI 3AEX-5212) 1968 MONO -- Original mono Indian pressing; black label; record grades slight VG+ to mostly VG++; has EMI inner sleeve;music by Shankar-JaikishanVG(+)/VG+(+)$60
SOUNDTRACK: Man And A Woman - United States (United Artists UAS 5147) 1966 Stereo -- US pressing of soundtrack from the film; cover has tiny ring; Original black label record grades a nice VG+ to EX; album has UA Inner SleeveVG(+)/EX$8
SOUNDTRACK: Masada - United States (MCA 5168) 1981 Stereo -- Original 1981 US pressing; cover in shrink wrapVG+/VG++$10
SOUNDTRACK: Midnight Cowboy soundtrack - Germany (United Artists UAS 29 043 I) 1969 Stereo -- Original German pressing: record label titles it "Asphalt Cowboy" !!; record VG+/VG++VG+/VG+(+)$8
SOUNDTRACK: Miklos Rozsa Conducts His Great Film Music: Ben Hur, Quo Vadis, El Cid, King of Kings - United States (Angel S-36063) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; cover in Shrink Wrap; record in mostly M- conditionVG+/EX+$9
SOUNDTRACK: Phaedra - United States (United Artists UAL 4102) 1962 MONO -- US mono pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG+/EX$20
SOUNDTRACK: Quiller Memorandum - United States (Columbia OL 6660) 1966 MONO -- US mono pressing of soundtrack to classic 1960s spy film; dj-timing strip on front cover; dj stamp on backVG+/EX+$14
SOUNDTRACK: Robert And Elizabeth - United Kingdom (HMV/EMI CLP 1820) 1964 MONO -- UK mono pressingVG(+)/VG++$18
SOUNDTRACK: Sea Hawk plus Kings Row, Captain Blood, Robin Hood, etc. - United States (RCA LSC-3330) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing of new recording of Korngold's music by Charles Gerhardt; cover in shrink wrap; album includes insert with photos and background; record VG to VG+; 'Classic Film Scores'VG+/VG+(+)$11
SOUNDTRACK: Some Came Running - United States (Capitol W 1109) 1958 MONO -- US mono pressing of soundtrack to film starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine, etc.; includes Capitol label inner sleeve; cover close to VG++: tiny ring and tiny stain in one cornerVG(+)/EX+$15
SOUNDTRACK: Sometimes A Great Notion - United States (Decca DL 79185) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; VG/VG++$10
SOUNDTRACK: Streetcar Named Desire / Great Film Music - United States (Angel S-36068) Stereo -- US pressing; with 4-Page insert; tiny removeable sticker on front coverVG+/EX$10
SOUNDTRACK: The Arrangement - United States (Warner WS 1824) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; tiny stain on cover; Elia Kazan directed the filmVG/EX+$12
SOUNDTRACK: The Spy Who Came In From The Cold - United States (RCA LSO-1118) 1966 Stereo -- US pressing; small seam splittingVG-/VG+(+)$8
SOUNDTRACK - ELLY STONE ETC: Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris - United States (Atlantic SD 2-1000) 1974 Stereo -- US pressing; with Jacques Brel; 2-LP set in gatefold cover; also with Elly Stone, Mort Shuman, etc; gatefold cover has some rubs and h2oVG-/EX$10
SOURCE: A Bullet For Pretty Boy - United States (Air A-1034) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing of film soundtrack; The Source sing six songs on Side 1; Side 2 consists of instrumental music by Hatcher; much of record grades close to NMVG+/EX+$10
SOUZAY, GERARD & DALTON BALDWIN: Schubert Songs - United States (Philips PHS 900-007) Stereo -- US stereo pressing; Dalton Baldwin pianoVG+/VG++$15
SOVIET ARMY CHORUS & BAND: By Request - United States (Melodiya Angel SR-40107) 1970s Stereo -- US pressing; Favorite Encores In Six Languages; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; Boris AleksandrovVG+/M-$14
SOVIET ARMY CHORUS & BAND: On Parade - United States (Angel/Melodiya R-40018) Stereo -- US pressing; tiny number on back cover in cornerVG+/EX+$14
SOVIET ARMY CHORUS & BAND: Songs Of The Russian Land - United States (Angel/Melodiya SR-40170) Stereo -- US pressing; tiny number on back cover in cornerVG+/EX$13
SOYER, DAVID & HARRIET WINGREEN: Mendelssohn Sonatas For 'Cello And Piano - United States (Monitor MCS 2045) Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX+$22
SPAETH, DAVE & PETER: Dave & Peter Spaeth - United States (ULT 74001) 1970 MONO -- US mono private pressing; plain cover; folky duo played locally around the late-60s and/or early-70s - estimated release dateVG(+)/VG+(+)$200
SPANIER, MUGGSY: Muggsy Spanier - United States (Everest Folk & Jazz FS 226) Stereo -- US pressing; electronic stereoVG+/EX$10
SPANIER, MUGGSY & SIDNEY BECHET: Ragtime Jazz - United States (Olympic 7113) Stereo -- US pressing; electronic stereoVG+/EX$10
SPENCER, PETER: Paradise Loft - United States (Original Regular 111) 1982 Stereo -- US pressing; small mark on front coverVG/VG+(+)$10
SPHEERIS, JIMMIE: Isle Of View - United States (Columbia C 30988) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; among musicians thanked is Richie Havens; recorded in New York; tiny removeable sticker on front of cover; small split to bottom of coverVG(+)/VG+(+)$8
SPIVAK, CHARLIE: In Disco Order Volume 2 - United States (Ajaz 249) 1970s MONO -- US mono pressing; April 15, 1941 - September 9, 1941; most vocals by Gary Stevens; record VG++ to M-; ca. 1970s reissue of older material probably from 78rpm'sVG+/EX+$8
SPIVAK, CHARLIE & HIS ORCHESTRA; VOCALS GARY STEVENS: Uncollected 1941 Vol. 2 - United States (Hindsight HSR-188) 1982 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG++$10
SPIVAK, CHARLIE & HIS ORCHESTRA; VOCALS IRENE DAYE: Uncollected 1943-1946 - United States (Hindsight HSR-105) 1977 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG+(+)$9
SPIVAK, CHARLIE & JIMMY JOY: Victory Parade - United States (Aircheck 6) 1975 MONO -- US mono pressing; January 6 & 19, 1945VG+/EX$9
SPOOKY TOOTH: Spooky Two - United States (A&M SP 4194) 1969 Stereo -- Brown Label US early pressing (around 1969); excellent album by great band with Gary Wright, Mike Kellie, Luther Grosvenor, and Mike Harrison; cover has some water-damage and small tape on seam at bottom: rest of cover is VG and up; much of record will have VG(+) to VG++ playG+/VG+(+)$8
SPRINGFIELD, RICK: Beginnings - Rick Springfield - United States (Capitol SMAS-11047) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold coverVG(+)/VG+(+)$11
SPYRO GYRA: Carnaval - United States (MCA 5149) 1980 Stereo -- US pressing with custom Inner Sleeve; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$10
ST. GEORGE'S CANZONA: To Drive The Cold Winter Away - United Kingdom (CRD 1019) 1975 Stereo -- UK pressingVG+/EX$15
ST. JOHN, BRIDGET: Songs For The Gentle Man - United States (Dandelion EKS-74104) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; textured cover has small cutout hole in corner of cover; insert; Ron Geesin producedVG+/EX+$45
ST. LOUIS JESUITS: Lord Of Light - United States (North American Liturgy Resources LOL-SJL-LP) 1981 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$11
STAFFORD, JO: G.I. Jo - Songs Of WWII - United States (Corinthian COR-105) Stereo -- US pressing; with Paul WestonVG+/VG++$10
STAFFORD, JO: Starring - United States (Capitol ED26 0429 1) 1955 MONO -- UK mono reissue pressing; original LP was released in 1955VG+/VG+(+)$10
STAGG MCMANN TRIO: The Legendary Stagg McMann Trio - United States (EM Productions 4636) 197? Stereo (e) -- US pressing of probably 1970s (?) electronic stereo release produced from a 1950 mono recording; cover in shrink wrap; record VG++ to EX+; songs include: Nothing But D. Best, I Only Have Eyes For You, This Can't Be Love, Lady Bird, God Child, Tiny's Blues, The Lady Is A Tramp, They Didn't Believe Me, How High The Moon, El Cumbranchero, La Poupee Valsante, Russian Sailor's Dance, Dance Of The Hours, Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1, ZigeunerweiseVG+/EX$10
STANISLAVSKY ORCHESTRA: Shostakovich Katerina Ismailova - United States (Melodiya / Angel SR-40022) Stereo -- US pressing; textured cover with one LP; record VG++ to M-; tiny writing on back of coverVG+/EX+$14
STARR, EDWIN: Clean - United States (20th Century Fox T-559) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; record VG+ to VG++VG+/VG+(+)$10
STARR, RINGO: Ringo - United States (Apple SWAL 3413) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; includes Booklet and gatefold cover; regular version 6 O'clock; cover has lite wear lite ring and some small corner bumps; record grades slight VG+ to mostly VG++/EX+; Booklet VG++; 'Have You Seen My Baby' cover; title for LP sometimes mistakenly shown as Duit On Mon Dei; string arrangements by Jack NitzscheVG(+)/EX$10
STEPPENWOLF: Early Steppenwolf - United States (Dunhill DS 50060) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; cover has small cutout hole and small split bottom; record VG++ to M-; 1969 release of a 1967 concert by Sparrow (pre-Steppenwolf); has ABC/Dunhill inner sleeveVG+/EX+$12
STERN, ISAAC & LEONARD BERNSTEIN: Bach Concertos - United States (Columbia ML 6349) Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX$12
STERN, ISAAC: Bartok Concerto For Violin - United States (Columbia MS 6002) 197? Stereo -- Masterworks pressing; Berstein and NY Philharmonic; cover has very tiny writing on backVG+/M-$12
STERN, ISAAC & ORMANDY PHIL ORCH: Brahms Violin Concerto In D Major - United States (Columbia MS 6153) Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; back cover has tiny number in cornerVG++/EX+$14
STERN, ISAAC & GEORGE SZELL: Mozart Violin Concertos No. 1 & 5 - United States (Columbia MS 6557) Stereo -- US pressing; record slight VG+ to mostly VG++VG+/VG+(+)$10
STERN, ISAAC & ORMANDY PHIL ORCH: Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto In D + Mendelssohn - United States (Columbia MS 6062) Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG++/EX+$13
STEVENS, CAT: Foreigner - United States (A&M SP 4391) Stereo -- US pressing; should be Original (I bought around 1980) and should include custom inner and postcard; has small Promo sticker on outside of front shrink wrap + might be dj copy??VG+/SEALED$20
STEVENS, CAT: Teaser And The Firecat - United States (A&M SP 4313) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing: brown deep groove label LP and textured gatefold cover; record looks VG+ and betterVG+/VG+(+)$10
STEVENS, LINDA: Pure Devotion - United States (Decca DL 7-5324) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; sticker and small writing on front cover; small mark front; stamp on back and on labe; title seam splitG/VG++$8
STEVENS, RISE & ROBERT MERRILL: Chocolate Soldier - United States (RCA LSO-6005) 1958 Stereo -- US pressing; 2-LP set: RCA Living Stereo; deep groove pressing; all sides have 1s stampers; gatefold cover has small sticker on back; records look VG+ to VG++VG(+)/VG+(+)$14
STEVENS, TERRI: It's Been A Long, Long Time - United States (Everest SDBR 1088) Stereo -- US pressing; most of cover still in shrink wrap; tiny sticker on coverVG+/EX$30
STEVENSON, B.W.: Lost Feeling - United States (Warner BS 3012) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; tiny removeable sticker on front of coverVG+/EX$10
STEWART, JOHN: Lonesome Picker Rides Again - United States (Warner WS 1948) 1971 Stereo -- US white label Promo pressing; includes Insert and company inner sleeveVG+/EX+$16
STITT, SONNY: Primitivo Soul! - United States (Prestige PR 7302) 1964 MONO -- US mono pressing; yellow label with Bergenfield address labelVG+/VG++$28
STIVELL, ALAN: À L'Olympia - United Kingdom (Fontana 6399 005) 1972 Stereo -- appears to me to be original UK pressing; laminated coverVG+/EX+$17
STIVELL, ALAN: Journee A La Maison - Sweden (Sonet SLP-3036) 1978 Stereo -- Swedish/Scandanavian pressing; includes Sonet inner sleeve; record slight VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$10
STOEBER, ORVILLE: Songs - United States (UNI 73103) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover; sticker and small writing and stamp on front; cutout holeVG/EX$10
STONE ETC, ELLY: Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris - United States (Columbia D2S 779) Stereo -- US pressing; 2-LP set in box; liner notes are taped to back of box and libretto insideVG(+)/VG++$8
STONEHILL, RANDY: Sky Is Falling - United States (Solid Rock SRA 2005) 1980 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover; includes Insert plus Solid Rock inner sleeveVG+/M-$10
STONEHILL, RANDY: Welcome To Paradise - United States (Solid Rock SRA 2002) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover; includes Insert plus custom inner sleeveVG+/M-$15
STRANGE, BILLY: Bunny O'Hare - United States (Air A-1041) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; pressed by RCA Customs Records Division; copyright 1967; released 1971; a few small marks on back coverVG/VG++$12
STRASBOURG PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: Stravinsky Le Sacre Du Printemps - United States (Musical Heritage MHS 4650) 1982 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/M-$17
STRAVINSKY, IGOR: Fairy's Kiss - United States (Columbia ML 6203) 1966 MONO -- Stravinsky conducts the Columbia Symphony Orchestra; Stravinsky's ballet score as an homage to Tchaikovsky; US white label promo mono pressing; record grades VG+ to exVG+/VG+(+)$12
SUDWESTFUNKORCHESTER BADEN-BADEN: Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3 Scotch - United States (Vox STPL 511.310) 196? Stereo -- US pressing; Sealed, unopened; also Wiener VolksopernorchesterVG+/SEALED$15
SUGARLOAF: Sugarloaf - United States (Liberty LST-7640) 1970 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover has cut corner bottomVG+/EX$16
SUM PAIR / PEAR: Sonny & Doug - United States (Guinness GNS 36044) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; yet another obscure rock/psych gem on the Guinness label -- this is a reissue of the Sum Pear album that appeared in 1971 on the Euphoria label; same songs as on the Euphoria LP but in different order and in a different cover; I bought the LP Still Sealed and opened only to ensure it was original; Pear Pair = Doug Miller & Sonny Hahn; still sealed / unplayed recordVG++/M-$40
SUMMERS, ANDREW ROWAN: Seeds Of Love - United States (Folkways FA 2021) 1951 MONO -- US mono pressing; includes Booklet; may not be the 1951 original but is still an older pressing of a scarce albumVG(+)/EX$20
SUNNYLAND SLIM BLUES BAND: Chicago Jump - United States (Red Beans RB 007) 1985 Stereo -- US pressing; cover has corner bumped bottom; record very slight VG+ up to EX++VG+/EX$10
SUNSHINE: Here's 'Sunshine' - United States (Backbeat BLP #69) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; good late-60s to early-70s loner real people folk album by one Larry 'Sunshine' Rice with help from D. (Don?) Malone; mostly acoustic with some reverb and some other cool effects; musically compared to early Tim Buckley, MIJ, etc; cover has ringwear on front which is VG/VG+; back cover and seams etc are VG+; record really niceVG(+)/M-$50
SUNSHINE: Sunshine - United States (Roulette SR 3018) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing of Brooklyn pop rock band; corner bump; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$9
SUNSHINE BAND: Sound Of Sunshine - United States (T.K. 604) 1975 Stereo -- US pressing; cover in shrink wrap with sawmark in upper right corner; album produced by K.C. (Casey) and Richard Finch; record has very tiny chip at very outer edge which will not affect play at all; the record itself grades VG++ to M-VG+/VG++$10
SUPERTRAMP: Breakfast In America - United States (A&M SP-3708) 1979 Stereo -- US pressing; includes custom insertVG+/EX+$8
SUZUKI, PAT & RALPH BURNS ORCH.: Looking At You - United States (RCA LSP-2186) 1960 Stereo -- US Living Stereo pressing; deep groove label 4s/4s; album includes RCA inner sleeve; tiny seam splitVG(+)/VG++$10
SUZUKI, TADASHI: Toshio Kora 3 Pieces For String Quartet - Japan (King GT-9335) 1980 Stereo -- Japanese pressing; small cutout hole in corner of coverVG+/M-$40
SWALLOWTAIL: Swallowtail - United States (Rooster RSTR 117) 1982 Stereo -- US pressing; record slight VG++ to mostly M-; tiny removable sticker on front coverVG+/EX+$15
SWEATHOG: Sweathog - United States (Columbia KC 31144) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing with Bonus POSTER; cover VG/VG+ with just lite wear overall and lite ring and two small stains on front; record slight VG++ to mostly M-; poster VG++VG(+)/EX+$12
SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK: We All Everyone Of Us - United States (Flying Fish FF 317) 1983 Stereo -- US pressing; includes custom Inner Sleeve with lyrics; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG+/M-$10
SWEET PAIN: Too - United States (20th Century Fox T-410) 1973 Stereo -- US promo Label pressing; includes Insert with lyrics; David Riordan possibly ex-Yankee Dollar? (anyone know for sure?); cover has some wear and corner bumpsVG(+)/M-$11
SWEET RUSH: Living On Giving - United States (Guinness GNS 36005) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; obscure 70s rock band on the collectible Guinness label; cover in Shrink Wrap with cut corner; songs written by (members?) Neil Nicklas and Philip Settle; produced by William S. Evans; songs include: Let Things Pass, Heart My Love, Mother Nature, Smooth Out, Think Of Me, ConformistVG+/M-$24
SWEET SALVATION: Sweet Salvation - United States (Elektra EKS-75045) 1972 Stereo -- US pressing; textured cover; nice early 70s soul-rock; cover still mostly in shrink wrap with small cut cornerVG+/M-$10
SWEET THUNDER: Sweet Thunder - United States (Fantasy / WMOT F-9547) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; cover in shrink wrap; record has just lite surface smudges: should have VG++ to M- playVG+/EX+$8
SWIFT, DAVID: New Perspectives In Piano Sounds - United States (Warner 1441) 1961 Stereo -- US pressing: scarce early Stereo Workshop Series: "great hits recorded with maximum separation of the left and right hands" (more often seen in mono); gatefold cover; cutout hole in corner of coverVG+/EX+$18
SWINGLE SINGERS: Back To Bach - United States (Philips PHS 600-288) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG+/M-$15
SYMS, SYLVIA: Lovingly - United States (Atlantic SD 18177) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; includes company sleeveVG+/EX+$8
SZIGETI, JOSEPH: Brahms Horn Trio - United States (Mercury MG 50210) MONO -- US mono maroon label deep groove pressing; FR1; tiny writing and small stamps on back cover; white back coverVG+/M-$25
SZIGETI, JOSEPH: Prokofiev Sonatas Nos. 1 + 2 - United States (Mercury MG 50319) 196? MONO -- US mono maroon label deep groove pressing; FR1; tiny writing on back cover; white back coverVG+/EX$15
SZIGETI, JOSEPH: Prokofiev Violin Concerto + Stravinsky - United States (Mercury MG 50419 ) 1965 MONO -- US mono gold label deep groove pressing; FR1; tiny tape on back cover; white back coverVG+/EX+$14

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