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TABUTEAU, MARCEL: Art Of The Oboe - United States (Coronet 1717) Stereo -- US pressing; 2 LP set in gatefold coverVG+/VG++$28
TALLEY, JAMES: Blackjack Choir - United States (Capitol ST-11605) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing with textured cover; tiny tape on cover at openingVG+/M-$10
TASTE OF HONEY: Another Taste - United States (Capitol R 133477) 1979 Stereo -- US pressing with custom Inner Sleeve; RCA Record Club edition of Capitol SOO 11951VG+/VG++$8
TATUM, ART: The Art Tatum Legacy - United States (Olympic 7120) Stereo -- US pressing; yellow label compatible for QUADVG++/EX+$8
TATUM HAMPTON RICH: Again! - The Tatum Group Masterpieces - United States (Pablo 2310 775) 1976 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX+$12
TAVENER, JOHN: The Whale - United States (Apple SMAS 3369) Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold cover has wear and some rubsVG-/VG+(+)$20
TAWNEY, CYRIL: Mayflower Garland - United Kingdom (Argo ZFB 9) 1970 Stereo -- English pressing; classic folk LP; with TOM PALEY and Reg Hall; cover has tiny sticker on back cover; yellow labelVG+/VG++$12
TAYLOR, ALLAN: American Album - United States (United Artists UA-LA078-F) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing; cover in shrink wrap; Nik Venet produced; LP has custom Inner Sleeve with Lyrics; great UK folkieVG+/M-$10
TAYLOR, CHIP & GHOST TRAIN: Somebody Shoot Out The Jukebox - United States (Columbia KC 34345) 1976 Stereo -- US promo pressing; two small stickers on coverVG(+)/EX$8
TAYLOR, CHIP: This Side Of The Big River - United States (Warner BS 2882) 1975 Stereo -- US promo pressing; small sticker on frontVG/EX$10
TCHOU TCHOU COMBO: Tchou Tchou Combo - United States (AVI AVL 6004) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; disco with funk soul Latin influencesVG+/SEALED$9
TEAGARDEN, JACK: Big Band Jazz - United States (Everest FS 352) Stereo -- US pressingVG+/VG+(+)$7
TEAZE: One Night Stands - United States (Capitol ST-11919) 1979 Stereo -- US pressing includes custom Inner Sleeve with lyrics; record slight VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$10
TEBALDI: Madama Butterfly Highlights - United States (London OS 25084) Stereo -- US pressing; color-back coverVG+/VG++$10
TEMPTATIONS: The Temptations - United States (Gordy G8-1006M1) 1981 Stereo -- US pressing; still sealed / unopened; small sawmark in coverVG++/SEALED$10
TEN YEARS AFTER: Alvin Lee & Company - United States (Deram XDES 18064) 1972 Stereo -- US pressingVG(+)/VG++$10
TEN YEARS AFTER: Rock & Roll Music To The World - United States (Columbia KC 31779) 1972 Stereo -- early (1972?) US pressing; includes company inner sleeve and gatefold cover; 1K/1B matrixVG+/EX$12
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: The Story Of Christmas - United States (Capitol ST 1964) 1963 Stereo -- US pressing; includes custom Insert (ex); story of Christmas 'As Sung And Told By Tennessee Ernie Ford' with the Roger Wagner Chorale; soundtrack from the TV show; record VG+ to VG++; also includes Capitol inner sleeveVG+/VG+(+)$10
TERLAZZO, JOHN: Honor Among Thieves - United States (Beggar Recordings private) 1983 Stereo -- US pressing; includes Insert; cover mostly still in shrink wrapVG+/M-$28
TERRY & RUDY: Terry & Rudy's Album - United States (Initial Records IRM-1002) 197? Stereo -- US micro-label pressing; rare folk LP; Terry Canady (guitar & vocal) and Rudy Perez (congas); 'Recorded Live at the Greenwood Inn: Denver, Colorado'VG+/M-$20
THEE IMAGE: Inside The Triangle - United States (Manticore MA6-506S1) 1975 Stereo -- US pressing; with Mike Pinera (IRON BUTTERFLY and Blues Image) and Duane Hitchings (Steel and CACTUS); covoer has DJ-sticker on front and drillhole in cornerVG+/M-$10
THEE IMAGE: Thee Image - United States (Manticore MA6-504S1) 1975 Stereo -- US pressing; with Mike Pinera (IRON BUTTERFLY and Blues Image) and Duane Hitchings (Steel and CACTUS); DJ sticker on front cover; album includes heavy paper custom Inner Sleeve with lyrics and drawing; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$12
THEE PROPHETS: Playgirl - United States (Kapp KS-3596) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; cover in Shrink Wrap with small cutout hole and a couple tiny staple holes in corner; also tiny mark on front; album includes Kapp inner sleeveVG+/M-$9
THIBAUD, JACQUES & ALFRED CORTOT: Chausson Concert en re majeur and Faure Berceuse - France (Pathe Marconi C 051-03719) 1970s MONO -- French pressing ca. 1970s; performances from 1932: taken from the Original 78 rpm recordings; Isnard, Voulfman, Blanpain, Eisenberg; record slight VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$15
THIBEAULT, FABIENNE: Conversations - Canada (Kebec-Disc KD-980) 1980 Stereo -- Original Canadian pressing; gatefold cover has very tiny notch on title seam and tiny removable sticker on front cover; record slight VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$10
THINMAN, CARL: Carl Sings - United States (Guinness GNS 36012) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; a few small tears in shrink wrap and small corner bump; bought sealed and opened by me just to make sure of original label; unplayedVG+/M-$50
THIRTY DAYS OUT: Thirty Days Out - United States (Reprise RS 6450) 1972 Stereo -- US White Label Promo pressing; cover has sticker and stamp and residue on front; writing on labelG+/VG++$10
THOMAS, B. J.: BJ! - United States (Scepter DS 844) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing of nice 1969 compilation LP: only available as this Columbia Record Club Special Edition; songs include: Hooked On A Feeling, The Greatest Love, The Eyes of a New York Woman, Table for Two for One, Suspicious Minds, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Mr. Businessman, i'm Gonna Make You Love Me, Light My Fire, Little Green Apples, and This Guy's in Love with YouVG+/M-$10
THOMAS, LEON: Blues Band - United States (Portrait 44161) 1988 Stereo -- US pressing; includes custom inner sleeveVG+/M-$10
THOMPSON, HANK: On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle - United States (Dot DLP 25894) 1968 Stereo -- US pressing; record grades slight VG+/VG++ up to EX+VG+/VG++$10
THOMPSON, RICHARD: Across A Crowded Room - United States (Polydor 422-825 421-1) 1985 Stereo -- US pressing; with InsertVG+/EX$8
THOMPSON, RICHARD: Daring Adventures - United States (Polydor 829 728-1-Y1) 1986 Stereo -- US pressing with custom inner lseeveVG+/EX$10
THORNHILL, CLAUDE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Big Band Seres - United States (Piccadilly 3505) 1980 Stereo -- US pressing; mono?VG+/VG++$10
THORNHILL, CLAUDE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Dancing After Midnight - United States (Columbia CL 709) MONO -- US mono pressing; cover has a couple of small seam splitsVG/VG+(+)$15
THORNHILL, CLAUDE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Great American Dance Bands - United States (Insight IN-207) 1981 MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG++$10
THORNHILL, CLAUDE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Memorable - United States (Columbia KG 32906) Stereo -- US pressing; 2-LP set in gatefold cover; probably electronic stereoVG+/EX$14
THORNHILL, CLAUDE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Uncollected 1947 - United States (Hindsight HSR-108) MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG++$9
THORSON, PAUL: One To One - United States (CMP 87507) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; cover has lite ring; record VG+ to VG++VG+/VG+(+)$25
THREE DEGREES: Three D - United States (Ariola OL 1501) 1980 Stereo -- US pressing; cover has cut corner and two stickers on frontVG-/VG+(+)$10
THREE SUNS: Love In The Afternoon - United States (RCA LSP-1669) 1959 Stereo -- US deep groove Living Stereo pressing; cover in Shrink Wrap with just very tiny ding to bottom seam; record slight VG++ to mostly M-; with accordion!VG+/EX+$8
THREE SUNS: On A Magic Carpet - United States (RCA LSP-2235) 1960 Stereo -- US pressing; deep groove Living Stereo label (2s/7s); record VG+ up to VG++/EX+; album has RCA inner sleeveVG+/VG+(+)$8
THREE SUNS: Swingin' On A Star - United States (RCA LSP-1964) 1959 Stereo -- US pressing; RCA Living Stereo pressing; small stains on back cover at bottom; 1s/1s stampers; includes company inner sleeveVG+/M-$12
THREE SUNS: Things I Love In Hi-Fi - United States (RCA LSP-1543) 1958 Stereo -- US pressing; RCA Living Stereo pressing; small stains on back cover; the Three Suns with pipe organ; 5s/8s stampers; includes company inner sleeveVG+/EX$9
THREE SUNS: Warm And Tender - United States (RCA LSP-2617) 1962 Stereo -- US black label RCA Living Stereo pressing; nice cheesecake-y front cover; record grades VG+ to VG++VG+/VG+(+)$9
TIBETAN BUDDHISM: Tantras Of Gyuto: Mahakala - United States (Nonesuch H-72055) Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX+$14
TILEGANT: Bach Brandenburg Concertos No. 3, 4, 5 - United States (Audio Spectrum Classical Series ASC-806) 1960s Stereo -- US stereo pressingVG+/SEALED$15
TILLOTSON, JOHNNY: Talk Back Trembling Lips - Rec Club - United States (MGM / Capitol ST-90527) 1964 Stereo -- US pressing: scarce Capitol Record Club version of MGM SE-4188; cover mostly VG++ except for small split top seam; record slight VG+ to EX+VG+/VG++$9
TIMBER: Bring America Home - United States (Elektra EKS-74095) 1971 Stereo -- US pressing; good rural rock; band includes Wayne Berry and George Clinton; album includes custom Insert; cover has lite ring and tiny cut corner and small seam split top and bottom corners: overall VG(+)VG(+)/M-$10
TITANIC: Macumba! - Canada (Columbia ES 90275) 1973 Stereo -- Original Canadian pressing; cover has tiny cutout hole in bottom corner; record VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$24
TOAD HALL: Toad Hall - United States (Liberty LST-7580) 1968 Stereo -- US pressing; subtitle "Class Of '68"; sixties rock with occasional psychy and/or folkrock touches; they were house band for a while at The Cafe Wha; includes Liberty inner sleeveVG+/M-$32
TORME, MEL & GEORGE SHEARING: An Evening At Charlie's - United States (Concord Jazz CJ-248) 1984 Stereo -- US pressing; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$9
TORME, MEL: Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head - United States (Capitol ST-80430) 1970 Stereo -- US green label pressing; cover in Shrink Wrap; Record Club edition??VG+/EX+$15
TORME, MEL & GEORGE SHEARING: Vintage Year - United States (Concord Jazz CJ-341) 1988 Stereo -- US pressing; Live at Paul Masson Mountain Winery; cover has lite wear and seamwear and dj stamp on backVG+/VG++$9
TORME, MEL: With The Meltones And Artie Shaw - United States (Everest / Folk Jazz Archive FS 324) 1976 Stereo -- US pressing; much of cover is still in shrink warpVG+/EX$10
TORRENT, SHAY: Sound Spectrum - At The Hammond - United States (Mercury SR 60091) 1959 Stereo -- scarcer Stereo edition of this LP; US pressing: black deep groove label; Hammond Organ; with Remo Biondi on guitar and mandolin; small stamp on back coverVG++/M-$22
TOUCHSTONE: Jealousy - United States (Green Linnet SIF 1050) 1984 Stereo -- US pressing; still sealed; with Triona Ni Dhomhnaill and brother Michael x- Bothy BandVG+/SEALED$11
TOUZET, RENE: Latin Beat - United States (Sunset SUS-5213) Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX$22
TRAFFIC: Traffic - United States (United Artists UAS 6676) 1968 Stereo -- US pressing; 1st press with deep groove orange/purple label and Gatefold Cover; includes attached lyric sheet booklet (also with photos) inside cover; their classic second LP; cover has some clear tape on seams and seamwear and ring and tiny writing on front and back; record itself grades VG+ to VG++; includes UA inner sleeveG/VG+(+)$12
TRAPEZOID: Three Forks Of Cheat - United States (Rounder 0113) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; record VG++ to M-VG+/EX+$10
TRAYLOR, JACK & STEELWIND: Child Of Nature - United States (Grunt BFL1-0194) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing includes Inner Sleeve with Lyrics; sticker and small writing on front; tiny tear on coverG+/EX$10
TREES: Forest Fires - United States (Adelphi AD 4121) 1986 Stereo -- US pressing; still sealed: unopened copy; cover has cut cornerVG+/SEALED$10
TRIO LOS PARAGUAYOS: Trio Los Paraguayos - United States (Epic LN 3189) 1958 MONO -- US mono pressingVG(+)/VG++$15
TRIO ORFEO: At La Taverne - United States (RCA FPM-154) 1965 MONO -- US deep groove mono pressing: recorded live in Australia; cover has small cutout hole in bottom corner; includes RCA inner sleeveVG+/VG++$12
TRISCHKA, TONY: Banjoland - United States (Rounder 0087) 1977 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX$8
TRIUMVIRAT: Illusions On A Double Dimple - United States (Harvest ST-11311) 1973 Stereo -- US pressing: pre-barcode; record VG+ to VG++VG/VG+(+)$8
TROPEA: Short Trip To Space - United States (Marlin 2204) 1977 Stereo -- John Tropea; Original pressing; gatefold coverVG+/EX$10
TROUT: Trout - United States (MGM SE 4592) 1969 Stereo -- US pressing; very good popsike baroque soft rock album with songs & production by Tony Romeo; with Frank Romeo and Cassandra Morgan (vocals); cover mostly still in Shrink Wrap; although the vinyl itself is actually New (I bought it still sealed; last copy!) there's one tiny skip at the end of 'Carnival Girl' -- in the pressing; I've had five copies of this LP and they've all had this exact problem so it has to be a pressing flaw: sold 'as is'; all of the music is good stuff though; cutout hole in cover; record unplayed except to test the end of 'Carnival Girl'; engineered by Gary Kellgren (HENDRIX; Fraternity Of Man; BEACON STREET UNION; ZAPPA; etc.); record grades EX to M-; sold as isVG+/EX+$8
TRUE, ANDREA & CONNECTION: N.Y. You Got Me Dancing + Fill Me Up (Heart To Heart) - United States (Buddah BD 56400) 1977 Stereo -- US 12-inch single with Buddah sleeve; cover has cutout holeVG+/M-$8
TRUE LIFE: Whatever It Takes - United States (Baldwin CS 8263) 1979 Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly in Shrink Wrap; released by True Life Gospel MinistriesVG+/M-$25
TRUTH: Departure - United States (Paragon PR 33057) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; gatefold coverVG+/EX$12
TUCKER, NANCY: A Little Stronger - United States (Collie-Flower Records CFR 010) 1983 Stereo -- US private pressing; includes custom Inner Sleeve plus Collie-Flower Records order formVG+/M-$27
TUCKWELL, BARRY: Haydn Concertos For Horn - United Kingdom (Argo ZRG 5498) 1966 Stereo -- English pressing: Argo green label with gray-box logo; Neville Marriner directing The Academy of St. Martin-in-the-FieldsVG+/M-$12
TUCKWELL, BARRY: Mozart Telemann etc Horn Concertos - United States (Angel S-36996) 1974 Stereo -- US pressingVG+/EX+$16
TUCKWELL, BARRY & KERTESZ / LONDON: Strauss Horn Concertos - United States (London CS 6519) 1967 Stereo -- US pressing; cover mostly still in shrink wrap; red labelVG++/EX$10
TULLY, LEE: Seltzer On The Rocks - United States (MGM E 3695) MONO -- US mono pressingVG+/VG++$9
TURNER, JOE LYNN: Rescue You - United States (Elektra 9 60449-1 ) 1985 Stereo -- US pressing; with inner sleeveVG+/EX$9
TURNER, JOHN LOVICK: Rookie Of The Year - United States (Polydor PD 5053) 1973 Stereo -- US White Label Promo pressing; label gives title as 'Rookie Of The Year'; cover in shrink wrap (design by Dean Torrence) has only self-title; corner bumps and lite seamwear; record slight VG++ to mostly M-VG+/EX+$10
TURNER, SPYDER: Music Web - United States (Whitfield WHK 3124) 1978 Stereo -- US pressing; album produced by Norman Whitfield; record tiny VG+/VG++ up to mostly VG+++/M-VG(+)/EX+$10
TURNER AND KIRWAN OF WEXFORD: Absolutely & Completely - United States (Peters International PILPS 9021) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; textured cover in shrink wrap; includes custom Inner Sleeve with lyrics and graphics; shrink has a couple small tears and inner sleeve has one corner folded otherwise exquisite copyVG+/M-$30
TURRENTINE, STANLEY: West Side Highway - United States (Fantasy F-9548) 1978 Stereo -- US pressingVG/VG++$7
TYNER, MCCOY: Inner Voices - United States (Milestone 9079) 1977 Stereo -- US pressing; includes custom Inner SleeveVG+/EX+$10

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